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Feds probe after Haitian migrant dies from pneumonia, COVID days after being taken into BP custody

A migrant died from respiratory distress caused by pneumonia and COVID-19 at the Yuma Regional Medical Center several days after he was taken into custody by a Border Patrol agent. Federal officials are investigating his treatment. ... Read more»

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Last chance Yuma: Thriving Arizona Western soccer program bonds a community

With 26 players from around the globe, Arizona Western College in Yuma - coached by Tucson native Kenneth Dale - is growing something unexpected in the heart of Arizona's agrarian community: a powerhouse junior college soccer program.... Read more»

Democratic State Rep. Fernandez resigns to take USDA post

Democratic State Representative Charlene Fernandez is resigning to take a position with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ending seven years as a representative for Yuma and parts of Maricopa, Pima and Pinal counties. ... Read more»

Mitigación de virus del Nilo deja el Condado de Yuma, reservación Cocopah libre de la enfermedad

Con el saludable monzón de Arizona y una explosión de casos de virus del Nilo Occidental transmitidos por mosquitos, el Condado de Yuma se ha asociado con la tribu indígena Cocopah al sur de Yuma para crear un escudo eficaz contra la enfermedad.... Read more»

Los cárteles contrabandean cada vez más fentanilo a través de la frontera

Aunque la marihuana ha sido la fuente de ingresos más rentable para los cárteles mexicanos, la legalización del cannabis en los estados de EE. UU., a provocado un cambio de rumbo: el fentanilo es más rentable, con un gramo que cuesta entre $150 y $200 en la calle, en comparación con aproximadamente $15 por gramo de marihuana.... Read more»

Yuma mayor says surging illegal migration is stressing local services

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls told a Washington forum this week that the rise in illegal immigration is stressing health care and the nonprofits that help migrants in his town, and he’s worried the situation will only get worse. ... Read more»

As marijuana profits fade, cartels increasingly smuggle fentanyl

Although marijuana has been one of the most profitable cash cows for Mexican cartels, legalization of cannabis in the U.S. has prompted a change - fentanyl is more profitable, with a gram going for $150 to $200 on the street, compared with about $15 for a gram of weed.... Read more»

West Nile mitigation keeps Yuma County, Cocopah reservation free of virus

With Arizona’s healthy monsoon and an explosion of mosquito-borne West Nile virus cases, Yuma County has partnered with the Cocopah Indian Tribe south of Yuma to create an effective shield against the disease.... Read more»

Enviros' lawsuit over Trump's border wall funding moves headed toward settlement

A lawsuit alleging that the Trump administration unlawfully siphoned $3.6 billion in construction funds from the Defense Department to fund border wall projects along the U.S.-Mexico border is heading toward a settlement following an order from the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Read more»

Arizona tribes may get less voice in new congressional district

As the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission spent its second day adjusting lines on preliminary maps, Native American voters could find they have less say in who represents them in Arizona’s sprawling, northernmost congressional district.... Read more»

Arizona border town 'fed up' as ban on nonessential travel extended again

Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino said he is “fed up” with the federal government’s COVID-19 ban on nonessential border crossings, which has been extended for another month, further crippling local businesses that rely on cross-border customers. ... Read more»

Diversity efforts garner praise as Az Historical Society achieves first national accreditation

The Arizona Historical Society now has the stamp of approval of the American Alliance of Museums, which recognized the group’s ability to change and remain relevant as it granted AHS's first-ever national accreditation.... Read more»

Remediation work continues at Az's border wall construction sites

The Army Corps of Engineers has continued remediation work along two sections of the border wall near Yuma, cleaning up the remnants of construction left by contractors during the last days of the Trump administration's rush to complete the boundary barrier. ... Read more»

Border communities say federal border closure has 'devastated' business and families

Extending a 15-month-old ban on nonessential border crossings will keep harming business and communities harm, critics say.... Read more»

Border agents rescue 26 migrants from remote western Arizona desert

Border Patrol agents, including members of the agency's specialized search and rescue team, aided a group of 26 migrants Wednesday in the western Arizona desert south of Interstate 8. Two bodies were found in other incidents earlier this week.... Read more»

Ducey to send 250 Arizona National Guard troops to border

After weeks of calling for National Guard units along Arizona's border with Mexico, Gov. Ducey announced he is deploying around 250 guardsmen in support roles, relegating them to runningcameras and helping at detention centers. The announcement took federal immigration authorities in Arizona by surprise. ... Read more»

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