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Migrants stuck in southern Mexico still rely on money from family to live

Money from remittances flows in both directions – from home to help migrants on their way, then from the migrant back home once established in a new country - big business for the places where they are received and a boon to local and national economies.... Read more»

Never pay debts with gift cards, new Arizona consumer program warns

Consumers will start seeing new “STOP” signs at gift card displays in many Arizona stores, part of an effort to fight a growing and costly fraud in which scammers – often posing as government officials – ask consumers to pay off a debt or penalty through gift cards. ... Read more»


How to fix a broken border: Follow the money

For all the political rhetoric and chest pounding about border security in recent years, the United States has done very little, and politicians have said almost nothing about cutting off massive amounts of funds flowing illegally across the Southwest border and feeding the drug cartels. ... Read more»