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Feds ship out COVID-19 vaccines delayed by winter storms

White House officials said Monday that thawing temperatures and a weekend of around-the-clock work has begun to clear a backlog of 6 million COVID-19 vaccines that were delayed due to last week’s devastating winter storms.... Read more»

Analysis: A winter storm leaves Texas with a black eye

As Texas faced record-low temperatures this February and snow and ice made roads impassable, the state’s electric grid operator lost control of the power supply, leaving millions without access to electricity. As the blackouts extended from hours to days, top state lawmakers called for investigations into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, and Texans demanded accountability for the disaster. ... Read more»

COVID vaccines and supplies delayed by severe weather across most of the U.S.

Winter storms engulfing much of the U.S. are delaying shipments of COVID-19 vaccines and supplies, forcing delays to long-awaited appointments for some residents of Arizona. Shipments of both approved vaccines, as well as such supplies as syringes and needles, are limited due to the weather.... Read more»

Travelers warned of snowy conditions on I-10

Motorists traveling on Interstate 10 can expect snowy conditions near Willcox on Friday and part of the interstate is closed east of the state line to Las Cruces while crews in New Mexico work to clear snow from the road.... Read more»