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Dubbing ‘Star Wars’: Preserving the force of Navajo language

Nearly 20 years after watching “Star Wars: A New Hope” for the first time, Manuelito Wheeler, director of the Navajo Nation Museum, headed the translation and dub of the dialogue into Diné Bazaad to help preserve the language in a culture that has lived for centuries.... Read more»

‘We can help ourselves:’ Native women come together to confront high rates of maternal mortality

American women are more likely to die of childbirth or pregnancy-related causes than other women in the developed world. and Native Americans often are left out of the conversation.... Read more»

Navajo school immerses tribal youth in Diné language and culture

“Béédaałniih: Diné bizaad bídahwiil’aah. Táadoo biligáana k’ehjí yádaalłti’í. Ahéhee’.” These are the first words that visitors see on a sign at the entrance of Tsé Hootsooí Diné Bi’ Olta’, an elementary immersion school that teaches the Navajo language to its 133 students on the capital of the Navajo Nation.... Read more»