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Pumpkin decor attracts trick-or-treaters but also wildlife, Game & Fish warns

The pumpkins’ strong scent can lure wildlife into residential areas, putting people, pets and property at risk of attack. ... Read more»

A virtual wall may be the solution to protect wildlife at the border

Wildlife advocates say animals like the jaguar are at risk if President Donald Trump builds his planned border wall. But jaguars and their advocates may have an unlikely ally – the technology used in driverless cars.... Read more»

No more monkey business: Az bans primates as pets, allows hedgehogs

Arizona residents can no longer keep primates such as monkeys, lemurs, and gibbons as pets, officials announced last week. They can get a prickly hedgehog, though. The new provisions for domestic and captive wildlife kicked in Saturday.... Read more»

State, company agree on plan to protect wildlife near Rosemont Mine

Rosemont Copper Co. agreed in principle this week to give the Arizona Game and Fish Department $10 million for programs protecting wildlife habitat around a proposed mine near Tucson.... Read more»

Enviros renew call for ban on lead ammo in condor’s range

An environmental group says endangered California condors in Kaibab National Forest are still dying from lead poisoning, despite a significant reduction in Arizona hunters using lead ammunition. The Center for Biological Diversity wants lead bullets banned in the condor's range. ... Read more»

State wants court to dismiss suit that would ban lead ammo

The Arizona Game and Fish Department wants a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by conservation groups that aims to ban the use of lead ammunition in the Kaibab National Forest.... Read more»

Az ammo effort saving condors from lead

To keep endangered California condors from ingesting lead, state officials are asking successful big-game hunters leaving the Kaibab National Forest whether they used lead bullets and, if so, whether they left behind gut piles.... Read more»

Feds: Bald eagles on the road to recovery in Arizona

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed bald eagles in the Sonoran Desert from the list of endangered and threatened species Friday. The long-expected move came a day after the state reported record numbers of bald eagle eggs laid, breeding areas occupied and eaglets taking flight.... Read more»


New website tracks Sonoran desert tortoise

Help Pima County officials track sightings of the Sonoran desert tortoise on a new interactive website. ... Read more»

Proposition 109

McCain: Prop. 109 would check radical groups, help wildlife

A ballot proposition that would establish a constitutional right to hunt and fish in Arizona would prevent radical groups from criminalizing the sports and harming wildlife in the process, Sen. John McCain said Wednesday.... Read more»

Proposition 109

Foes of hunting rights measure call it a power grab

Advocates for those who hunt and fish say a ballot proposition that would establish a constitutional right to those sports in Arizona is long overdue. Opponents say amending the constitution would change the way officials can manage hunting and fishing.... Read more»

Center for Biological Diversity

Wildlife group, utility at odds over rare loach minnow

A tiny fish and a utility company’s plan to repair a natural gas pipeline along an eastern Arizona river have the Center for Biological Diversity tangling with federal regulators.... Read more»

Center for Biological Diversity

Wildlife groups slam EPA for not banning lead ammunition

The Environmental Protection Agency is shirking its responsibilities and contributing to the deaths of animals by failing to ban the use of lead-based ammunition, according to a coalition of wildlife advocacy groups.... Read more»1

Good weather sees rabies cases way down

Rabies cases are down significantly this year around Arizona, a drop officials attribute in part to aggressive steps to control the virus in wildlife, favorable weather and diseased animals dying off.... Read more»

Center for Biological Diversity

Tucson group makes industry of suing on behalf of wildlife

The Center for Biological Diversity has achieved a high profile in part through its litigation-based approach to conservation. Since July 1, it has filed 12 lawsuits to prevent development around the country that it contends would threaten various endangered species.... Read more»

Alternative energy sites pose hazards for wildlife

With its sharp talons, powerful beak and 7-foot wingspan, the golden eagle is one of Arizona's fiercest and most imposing birds of prey. It's no match, however, for the rotating blades of turbines in wind farms. To address this problem, Arizona Game and Fish recently issued guidelines for developers planning wind farms and solar facilities.... Read more»