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Free Wi-Fi headed to Phoenix school districts to help end digital divide

An initiative funded by the 2020 CARES Act will help Phoenix schools bridge the digital divide by creating the Phoenix Digital Education Connection Canopy, a broadband network designed to provide free Wi-Fi to 250,000 families who have students in 13 Phoenix districts.... Read more»

Bennett says he’s regained control of the Arizona 'audit' Twitter account

The official Twitter account for the Senate’s election 'audit' is back under officials’ control after spokesman Ken Bennett handed control of the account to unknown volunteers, and Bennett is now referencing the feed as a source for official statements.... Read more»

Navajo Nation rushes to beat use-or-lose deadline on COVID-19 relief funds

Spending $177 million may not seem like a problem, but it is a challenge for Navajo Nation leaders who could lose those funds if they don’t find projects that can be completed by the end of this year.... Read more»

Group: Technology helps people dramatically cut down on driving

Smartphone apps saying when the next bus is coming and ride- and bike-sharing services are among innovations enabling Arizonans to drastically cut down on driving, a public interest advocacy group reported Tuesday.... Read more»

Why the FCC fined Google just 68 seconds in profits

The FCC Enforcement Bureau report announcing the fine against Google said the $25,000 level is designed "to deter future misconduct in view of Google's ability to pay." ... Read more»