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Firefighters prepare for a challenging fire season due to COVID-19

As if fighting fires wasn’t dangerous enough, firefighters now have to worry about COVID-19 while they’re on the job, making for what fire officials say will be the “most challenging season we’re going to have.” ... Read more»

100,000 abandoned mines create challenge for Arizona's 2 inspectors

Arizona likely has more abandoned mines than any other state in the country. It's two men's job to find them all.... Read more»

Limits on residencies an obstacle to fixing doctor shortage

Officials estimate estimates there are 141 primary care shortage areas, 94 mental health care shortage areas and 154 dental care shortage area across the state. Experts predict the problem will only get worse as more Arizonans get health insurance and Medicaid coverage. ... Read more»

BLM highlights three Az sites as optimal for solar projects

A draft plan on the solar potential of federal land identifies three Arizona sites encompassing nearly 14,000 acres as highly suitable for energy development.... Read more»