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For many low-income families, getting formula has always been a strain

The ongoing dearth of formula has caused tremendous stress for families nationwide, especially those who rely upon WIC, which accounts for as much as two-thirds of all formula purchases in the U.S. - but the program’s massive purchasing also limits choices.... Read more»

Early childhood: Impoverished families with babies face uneven access to direct aid

Nearly 1 in 5 babies are being raised in poverty, but whether families are eligible for direct support from the state depends largely on where they live and continues to heighten inequality between low and high-income families.... Read more»

Arizona saw children’s obesity drop after WIC required healthier foods

The obesity rate among young Arizona children in the Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program declined from 2010 to 2016 after the program changed its rules to require healthier food, a new CDC report says.... Read more»


The federal budget and gay and transgender families

House Republicans last week passed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's proposed budget, which would shred the safety net for gay and transgender families to tatters.... Read more»