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Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey visits White House to push for stricter gun laws, mental health reform

Actor Matthew McConaughey, a Uvalde native, called for bipartisan action on mental health reform, stricter gun legislation and consequences for people who violate gun laws in his appearance at the White House on Tuesday.... Read more»

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White House wants $10 billion for Ukraine aid, $22.5 billion for more COVID help

The Biden administration is asking Congress to provide $10 billion in assistance to Ukraine and $22.5 billion in COVID-19 funding on a fast timeline — within the next week.... Read more»

Most college students don't graduate in 4 years, so 6 years counted as 'success'

Colleges have gradually moved the finish line to give themselves credit for success if students graduate in six years — or even eight years, which is what consumers find reported on the government’s newest consumer website, College Scorecard.... Read more»

Jan. 6 select committee subpoenas Trump chief of staff and other top aides

The U.S. House of Representatives select committee investigating the events of Jan. 6 issued subpoenas on Thursday to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and three other allies of former President Donald Trump.... Read more»

FactCheck: Charlie Kirk misleads on White House vaccine policy

Federal employees — including at the White House — must attest to being vaccinated against COVID-19, or else comply with routine testing and mitigation measures, but conservative commentator Charlie Kirk claims that the “White House staff is not required to be vaccinated.” ... Read more»

Party? Hardly. COVID-19 puts a damper on post-election celebrations

The post-election victory party – which can only really be a victory for half of those throwing them, after all – has become another victim of COVID-19.... Read more»

Cities, police brace for possible unrest after heated election

National and local law enforcement agencies are preparing to respond in case civil disturbances break out after Tuesday’s elections, which experts fear may have a “different venue for challenging election results, namely in the streets.”... Read more»

COVID-19 cases surging toward 1,000 a day, ASU expert warns

Arizona is experiencing a COVID-19 surge similar to the one it saw in mid-June, and a vaccine that will get the population closer to herd immunity is in the distant future, the director of ASU’s Biodesign Institute said Wednesday.... Read more»

Alone among Dems, Sinema stays silent on GOP Supreme Court push

Almost every Senate Democrat, Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, has come out against President Donald Trump’s plan to rush through a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, saying the nomination should wait until after the election. ... Read more»

Court halts Trump plan to exclude undocumented migrants from census

A federal court Thursday blocked President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census, calling the order a clear violation of the law would cause lasting damage.... Read more»

Loyalty points: Ducey visits White House for Trump acceptance speech

Most Republicans watched President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech from their couches Thursday but Gov. Doug Ducey watched from the South Lawn of the White House.... Read more»

'Do we really want to see a lot more die? Fauci paints bleak picture of virus inaction

During a panel hosted Thursday by National Geographic, Fauci fielded questions with trademark candor about that grim forecast released last week by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.... Read more»

Trump’s $400 a week jobless aid could be just $300 — depending where you live

Governors, lawmakers and state unemployment agencies on Monday wrestled with confusion created by President Donald Trump's executive action extending unemployment benefits, and it appeared some states could settle for $300 a week in benefits instead of the $400 that the president touted.... Read more»

Hoffman 'not optimistic' schools will be ready for Aug. 17 in-person reopening

Arizona Schools Superintendent Kathy Hoffman said Wednesday that the already delayed Aug. 17 start of in-person classes may have to be pushed back again in light of continuing concerns about COVID-19 safety.... Read more»

White House calls for quick return to school; some Arizona parents, educators balk

A White House panel of parents, teachers and school administrators said Tuesday that reopening schools this fall should be the nation’s top priority, for the wellbeing of students and parents and as a move to “stabilize our society.”... Read more»

Tribal leaders say border wall, other projects continue to threaten sacred, historic sites

As President Donald Trump was hailing the pace of border wall construction Tuesday, Tohono O’odham Nation Chairman Ned Norris Jr. was bemoaning it as a project that continues “to destroy … sacred sites.”... Read more»

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