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Budweiser Clydesdales didn't make it to Tucson once and revealed a journalistic legend of the wrong kind.

A Rodeo Day tall tale of a legendary Tucson reporter gives me a chance to get something off my chest about journalism: We are not imagining it. Read more»

Wide angle look at the Arizona Capitol complex, where the Legislature is launching a broad side of canceling political targets

Gay people, teachers, transgender students and F. Scott Fitzgerald are in the sights of Arizona Republicans, who seek to silence the politically and culturally disobedient. Read more» 1

Fighting 'City Hall' (in the generic sense) involves at least showing up.

The idea that somehow there's power in not showing up, in denying and skipping out on politics, is a lie. Ignore them at your peril. Avoid the political process all you want. It won’t avoid you. It will just roll right over you. Here's a quick guide to showing up and taking part. Read more»

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero took the Regional Transportation Authority's planned extension straight to the brink. But she got enough compromise to keep Tucson on board.

A giant chill pill and a retired general's compromise plan has, for the moment, saved the Regional Transportation Authority as it moves toward a new 20-year plan for a special tax for roads throughout Pima County. Read more» 1

Griping and sniping threatens to undo the RTA Next plans.

Everyone wants it. But there appears to be little desire among local governments to make concessions to keep the Regional Transportation Authority going. Read more»

Shot in the dark: An open letter to Sens. Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema as the U.S. Senate considers a filibuster carve-out to protect voting rights within the next few days.

No single issue convinced me the filibuster must go. Thinking about the structural problems that legislative barrier has created did the trick. But I have a way out that will let democracy continue to function without a breakdown. Read more»

Supervisor Matt Heinz is ready to rumble against 'junk science' he says his colleague Steve Christy is spreading. Christy says he's just the voice of his constituents.

Supervisor Matt Heinz is starting to take the gloves off and put up a fight against efforts to downplay the severity of COVID-19. Even if it's just to force a political cost for aiding the virus, it's time for a fair fight and not more ignored science lessons. Read more» 3

A proposed legislative district sprawling across Pima County is proving the brightest flashpoint in the redistricting process.

Creating a safe Republican district in Pima County is a worthy trade if it makes way for a few competitive districts in the Valley of the Sun. Read more» 1

Pima County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Sharon Bronson calls the fight to stop higher water rates for county residents a matter of 'equity.'

Using water rates as a growth management tool is smart policy, but Tucson and Pima County need to do a better job of communicating to head off pointless legal and political battles that serve no one (but the lawyers). Read more»

The TucsonSentinel.com Community Advisory Council are just some of the folks a columnist has to be grateful for, because they keep me a-plugging away with Devilish analysis.

Let's set the table about why I write this Devilish column, and why I'm so pleased you're reading it regularly — and pitching in to help the Tucson Sentinel do even more independent local journalism. Read more»

Coronavirus requires the public's immediate attention (and vaccination) but at some point, we are going to have to figure out how and when to land this thing.

A Plan B for the continuing coronavirus pandemic seems to be lurking in the future. It's time we start giving serious consideration to how we'll deal with COVID-19 for some time to come. Read more»

UA researchers have produced a complete map showing 24,000 years of climate change. Now, if the people will just start taking it seriously.

Scientists are doing their jobs but the methods they use can limit their ability to communicate the gravity of the climate crisis. That's a problem. But mostly the lack of understanding is on us (looking at you, Lefties). Read more»

Fight for 15 organizers turn in signatures for ultimately successful minimum wage increase.

Someone has got to hold our Democratic incumbents accountable and it’s probably time to stop the expecting the heat to come from the Right. It may have to come from the Left; at least around Tucson. Read more» 2

University of Arizona ranks in the Top 100 among global peers. Your columnist's many classes in the Modern Languages Building just got more valuable.

The University of Arizona is trending upward in national rankings and the latest by U.S. News and World Report shows the school isn't backsliding. Read more» 1

Grant Woods died as one of the last of a vanishing breed.

Where have they gone, those honest Republicans, and just how the hell did we get Paul Gosar? The death of Grant Woods, a former Arizona AG and longtime political player, has me wanting to quote Paul Simon and wistfully ask about Joe DiMaggio. Read more»

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