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Pro-choice backers rally on the University of Arizona campus.

It's time for that reasonable two-thirds of voters to start voting on social issues and some Arizona activists are offering up a chance to do just that with an initiative to add abortion rights to the state Constitution. Read more»

Tucson voters approved the extension of a half-cent sales tax to tend to the city's road needs. The future is thinking regionally.

The half-cent sales tax voters kept in place Tuesday is about getting the city back to where it wants to be. The Regional Transportation Authority is about what Tucson wants to become. The City Council now must play nice with the RTA board. Read more»

U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has avoided public scrutiny like last year's fashions. One of her staffers will be at the Pima County supervisor's meeting Tuesday. This may be a rare chance for voters to vent to her. Read more»

One of the first images from the James Webb Space telescope, from a camera designed and built by a team led by UA astronomer George Rieke. His wife Marcia Rieke developed one of the other four cameras aboard Webb.

The Webb telescope is technically a global collaboration. For bar bets and bragging rights, this puppy is ours. Just stamp Wilbur Wildcat's face on the Webb sunshield and be done with it. Read more»

Sahuarita's deal with Global Water could prove to be the way of the future, if both parties can balance Wall Street greed with local needs.

We should hate Sahuarita's deal with Global Water. And part of me does. But it's water in a desert at a time of climate change and a friend of the devil may just be a friend of ours. Read more»

Road work in early March on East Ft. Lowell Road.

Prop. 411 is a sales tax in a time of inflation and perhaps an effort by the Tucson City Council to derail future regional transportation planning. Even so, it's still a worthy program to fix local streets. Read more» 1

Confusion is the point in Arizona's proof-of-citizenship law that may end up hitting Republicans harder than Democrats.

There's no consensus about who or how many will be affected by Arizona's new "proof-of-citizenship" voting law — which is exactly how we want the state to target its power, right? (dripping sarcasm). Read more»

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry's secret retirement had the Board of Supervisors in a tizzy, but the scandal of it isn't clear.

Chuck Huckelberry's secret retirement is more a function of a Pima County board not asking enough questions about their top dog's contract than a plan for that wily old dog to deceive — or at least receive. Read more»

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, seen at a December county meeting, is in a position for the kind of 'double dip' that drives taxpayers crazy.

Pima County's top administrator is poised to nearly double his income after taking a small cut to his salary. It's called a pension "double dip" and Chuck Huckelberry just set himself up for one. It's a scandal, right? Yes, it is. And no, it's not. Read more»

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry's leadership through the coronvirus pandemic was one of the last acts of a 'ubiquitous and omnipresent' tenure that's coming to a close.

Chuck Huckelberry's tenure as the administrator atop Pima County will end Tuesday. Gone are the days when "You didn't need a whole process. You just needed Chuck." Read more»

Transgender students lost big in Arizona when Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill into law attacking their right to exist and compete as themselves.

Gov. Doug Ducey, apparently needing to keep his fortunes alive in what is increasingly a rage-a-holic Republican Party, signed two bills that basically tell transgender kids "you are freaks and we don't like you." Read more»

The U.S. Congress is messing with time. What could possibly go wrong and why do we even care?

No matter what laws are passed by Congress, the amount of solar radiation striking the Earth in any given 24-hour period will remain the same, no matter how deeply lawmakers believe they have the power to alter the fabric of time. Read more»

Arizona kids keep getting nickeled and dimed by our state, and the blame extends beyond the usual suspects.

A new court ruling means Arizona remains where it's always been — choosing to remain at the bottom of the national ladder in school funding. The untenable remains permanent, and everyone is to blame. Read more»

The U.S. Postal Service just got a congressional reprieve that could save Tucson's Cherrybell Processing and Distribution Center from a decade-old death sentence.

Tucson's Cherrybell postal operation has been defying death for so long, it should be a Marvel franchise. The odds of it staying open just improved with the U.S. Postal Service measure passing Congress. Read more»

The planet is heating up and Tucson is the 7th fastest warming city in the country with a water shortage peeking around the corner. How is the City Council acting locally?

The good news is Tucson has committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. The bad news is that they are spending the first three years of a decade-long agenda just coming up with a plan, with pretty limited action in the meantime. Read more» 1

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