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The Senate’s backing of SB1061 comes less than two weeks after Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers, of Flagstaff, filed a restraining order against Arizona Capitol Times reporter Camryn Sanchez after the journalist showed up at two of Rogers’ residences in the Valley.

A bill that would allow public officials to hide their addresses from constituents is on its way to the desk of Gov. Katie Hobbs after garnering bipartisan support in both the Arizona state House and Senate. Read more»

Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Flagstaff, speaks to a far-right media outlet in December 2022.

Sen. Wendy Rogers, who filed an order of protection against a reporter investigating whether Rogers actually lives in Flagstaff - which she represents - has a history of disparaging journalists, even as she defends and praises members of the fringe right wing media. Read more»

Proponents of photo enforcement say it both keeps Arizona’s roads and local police officers safer.

Legislation barring photo radar and red-light cameras in Arizona is closer to becoming law, despite concerns that it could increase traffic accidents and deaths. Read more»

Despite opposition from some in its own party, the bill isn’t entirely dead yet - Kolodin, who voted against the bill, motioned to have the bill be reconsidered within the next two weeks for another vote.

A Republican bill that would require Arizonans to submit a government-issued ID to a website operator before accessing pornography online was defeated after some GOP lawmakers said it might be unconstitutional - but that doesn’t mean the measure is completely dead. Read more»

Few, if any, of the bills that passed through both committees and their respective chambers are bound to become law.

Republican-controlled committees in the Arizona legislature that were charged with vetting election-reform bills used their time to cater to fringe right-wing conspiracy theorists and to approve a plethora of measures that would make big changes to how elections are run. Read more»

Tempers flared Monday night after Republican State Senator Sonny Borrelli admonished a speaker for using the term 'conspiracy theory' to refer to false election fraud claims peddled by some Republicans.

Nearly a month after Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes released documents further disproving claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Senate Republicans continue to make such claims in the election committee. Read more»

Senate liaison Ken Bennett watches as Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 general election are examined and recounted by contractors hired by the Arizona Senate on June 12, 2021, at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

A bill sponsored by Arizona Sen. Ken Bennett that would theoretically make it possible to verify that machines counted votes accurately and that people who voted were eligible voters from the comfort of home has brought about rare cross-party dialogue in the state legislature. Read more»

Rep. Liz Harris, R-Chandler, at a Jan. 26, 2023, press conference.

Democrats called for a censure of Arizona GOP Rep. Liz Harris as Republicans distanced themselves from the legislator and the day-long hearing she arranged, that included wild conspiracy theories about a host of elected officials being bought off by a Mexican drug cartel. Read more»

Harris is a prominent election denier and conspiracy theorist who runs a website devoted to baseless 2020 election fraud conspiracies.

Wild and unsubstantiated allegations made in a hearing that dozens of elected officials, including Arizona lawmakers, are secretly on the payroll of a Mexican drug cartel have roiled the state legislature, with Republican lawmakers denouncing the allegations as “disgraceful”. Read more»

Protestors in support of former President Donald Trump gather outside Veterans Memorial Coliseum where ballots from the 2020 general election wait to be counted on May 1, 2021. The Maricopa County ballot recount comes after two election audits found no evidence of widespread fraud in Arizona.

Arizona Republicans are continuing their parade of election conspiracy theorists spreading unproven claims in legislative hearings, even after a report from the former Attorney General’s office showed that all of the 2020 election fraud theories it investigated were baseless. Read more»

The bill takes its definition from a section of Arizona law that makes it a crime for Arizona teens and children to send sexually explicit messages on social media and through text message.

A Republican bill would require Arizonans to submit a government-issued ID to a website operator before accessing “sexually explicit material” online, but the bill is written so broadly that critics say it could require the same of major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Read more»

Many of the proposed bills the committee has forwarded so far this year aim to fix alleged election issues, including unproven claims of election tampering or fraud.

Every Arizona voter would be purged from the rolls once a decade and have to re-register under a proposal Republicans in the state Senate advanced this week - though critics say it is a blatant violation of federal law. Read more»

Reproductive rights protesters in Tucson in June 2022.

Republicans in the Arizona Senate want to mandate care for children delivered alive during abortions - even though there’s already a law on the books that does just that - and amends language in the current law to change the word “fetus” to “infant” and “delivered” to “born alive.” Read more»

A voter drops a ballot at the Maricopa County ballot drop box outside the county juvenile court, where several intimidation incidents were reported.

Tempers flared at a Arizona Senate election committee meeting after Democrats accused Republicans of pushing election conspiracy theories that are reducing the public’s faith in election integrity. Read more»

County supervisors across the state faced immense political pressure not to certify their county’s election results — which is a ministerial duty in state law.

Despite months of preparation for the 2022 midterms, Maricopa County couldn’t pull off a perfectly smooth election and other Arizona counties made headlines for their election woes as well, but there are lessons that could enable officials to make Arizona elections stronger. Read more»

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