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Tucson hits 100 degrees Tuesday: 3rd-earliest date ever above century mark

If things felt just a bit hotter when you stepped outside Tuesday, you're attuned to the weather. Tuesday was the third-earliest date on which Tucson's recorded temperature hit at least 100 degrees — and the earliest since 2012.... Read more»

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Guest opinion

Grijalva: On César Chávez’s 95th birthday, President Biden must deliver for farmworkers

On his 95th birthday, we are far from the justice César Chávez sought. But President Biden has a chance to be the leader who delivers fair wages, compensation, and justice for farmworkers by updating our labor laws and declaring a national, permanent heat standard.... Read more»


Hellertoon: Ol' Man Winter

Winter's sticking around for a bit — and pushing far enough south to put some more snow on the mountains around Tucson. For the rest of the country, shivers continue.... Read more»

Snow foolin': Winter storm watch for Catalinas on Weds

Up to 10 inches of snow could fall in the Catalina and Rincon mountains on Wednesday, as a winter storm pushes down across much of the country, officials said.... Read more»

Even colder: Hard freeze warning for Tucson on Thurs night

Bundle up! Thursday night will be even colder than Wednesday across the Tucson area — including Green Valley, Marana and the Tohono O'odham Nation. Widespread sub-freezing temperatures are expected, the National Weather Service said.... Read more»

Freeze warning for Tucson, T-O Nation on Weds night

Wednesday night will be frosty in the Tucson metro area and points to the west — including Green Valley, Marana and the Tohono O'odham Nation. Widespread sub-freezing temperatures are expected, the National Weather Service said.... Read more»

Photos: Puttin' a (rain)bow on 2021

A wintery chill, a stiff breeze, the steady coming of the last night of 2021 — they were all forgotten about for a few sparkling moments on late Friday afternoon in Tucson, as a brilliant double rainbow soared over the city as the sun slipped down Gates Pass.... Read more»

Hard freeze watch for Tucson, heavy snow forecast for mountains

Temperatures around Tucson could fall well below freezing Saturday night, and heavy snow is expected to fall on the Catalina and Rincon mountains on Friday night, as winter storms continue to move through Arizona.... Read more»

Snow forecast for Catalinas, Rincons on Tuesday night

Up to 8 inches of snow could fall on mountain ranges across Southern Arizona on Tuesday night, including the Santa Catalinas and Rincons around Tucson, the National Weather Service said, which issued a Winter Weather Advisory.... Read more»


Claytoonz: Burning morals at both ends

There have been accusations that employees of a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, and an Amazon Warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois were threatened with termination if they left work during a tornado. Other employees have disputed the accusations. ... Read more»

Melting Arctic sea ice may strengthen western wildfires

Declining sea ice in the Arctic may be contributing to increased wildfires in the western United States, demonstrating the effects of climate change on extreme weather events and indicating the potential for more and larger wildfires in the area, according to a new study. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

UA researcher's work should light fire under Sinema to heed climate crisis

A UA researcher has just come up with the 974,238th reason why human civilization should seriously do something about greenhouse gasses. U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema needs to take heed.... Read more»

Not just dust in the wind: Pima County airs pollution advisory Tuesday

Particulates floating in the air around Pima County reached such high levels on Tuesday that the Department of Environmental Quality issued an "high pollution advisory," recommending at-risk individuals reduce their outdoor activities.... Read more»

Sunblock for streets: Cool pavement curbs heat in Phoenix, but more testing is needed

Over the past year, Phoenix has studied the efficacy of a light gray reflective sealant meant to reduce the absorption of heat in the urban climate and though the testing is far from over, initial findings suggest the treatment may help effectively reduce temperatures.... Read more»

Freeze warning for Nogales, Sierra Vista, Willcox on Tuesday night

Low-lying areas in Southern Arizona could see temperatures drop below freezing on Tuesday night — including Nogales, Sierra Vista, Benson and Safford. Windy conditions are expected across the region Monday night, including in the Tucson metro area.... Read more»

Hospitals confront climate change as patients sick from floods and fires crowd ERs

Doctors, nurses and hospitals increasingly are seeing patients sickened by climate-related problems, but hospital groups have resisted sustainability commitments on the grounds they will bring more red tape and costs.... Read more»

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