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Havasupai tribe: Pinion Plain uranium mine threatens our existence

A letter of opposition to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, which recently issued an aquifer protection plan permit, is the latest attempt - after years of legal battles - by the Havasupai Tribe to oppose the Pinion Plain uranium mine. ... Read more»

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Enviro groups demand answers from Biden’s EPA on 'forever chemicals'

A group of public employees said the Biden administration is failing to provide scientific evidence regarding its definition of dangerous forever chemicals leading to more claims that the current definition is too narrow and the EPA is missing some toxins.... Read more»

More states want power to approve wetlands development

Critics fear that Florida’s move to assume authority over wetland management could open the floodgates for more states to claim Section 404 authority - but the hurdles that have mostly stymied such efforts for decades remain significant. ... Read more»

Pima County taps Barbara Escobar as permanent Environmental Quality director

Barbara Escobar, the interim director for the county's Department of Environmental Quality, will take over the role permanently starting on May 8, Pima County announced Monday.... Read more»

Cleaning up Tucson's South Side water pollution part of Grijalva enviro bill

Local leaders in Southern Arizona came together Wednesday to throw their support behind the Environmental Justice for All Act, a congressional bill that aims to treat pollution in communities of color as a civil rights violation and create local funding for environmental cleanup. ... Read more»

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Grijalva: Uranium industry hops on bandwagon taking advantage of Ukraine crisis

The Uranium Producers of America are expected to use the crisis in Ukraine to plead for more taxpayer-funded subsidies, so they can ramp up production quickly and cheaply. This may sound like an opportunistic ploy to use a brutal war as a profit-making scheme. Make no mistake, it is.... Read more»

‘Like a demon that’s always behind us’, Jackpile Mine's toxic legacy continues

Uranium mines over the Navajo Nation and around the West are being left as orphan mines - abandoned mines for which no financially responsible party can be found - so the Superfund remedy is the only remedy that’s been identified for the Navajo sites, as well as Jackpile.... Read more»

5 ways climate change will affect plants and animals

Scientists have provided another reminder that, when it comes to climate change, we’re all in this together - here are five new findings that scientists have made recently about wildlife and climate change.... Read more»

Will taxpayers bear the cost of cleaning up America’s abandoned oil wells?

Oil and gas companies have a century-old bad habit of drilling wells and ditching them, and while Congress finally has a plan to plug some abandoned wells, new proposals effectively pass the fossil fuel industry’s cleanup costs on to taxpayers and may even enable more drilling.... Read more»

Mexican scientists scale up solar-powered water treatment tech

Scientists in Mexico are cleaning polluted waterways with solar power, thus offsetting the carbon footprint of water treatment — and they're making moves to scale the technology up even bigger. ... Read more»

Pima County asks Tucson Water to limit chemicals in water pumped to Santa Cruz

Pima County has asked Tucson Water to treat new discharges into the Santa Cruz River for PFAS, a chemical linked to cancer risks, after the city utility announced plans to pump millions of gallons of water from the Tucson Airport Remediation Project.... Read more»

A mega-dairy is transforming Arizona’s aquifer and farming lifestyles

Smaller dairy farmers nationwide have weathered years of milk prices below the cost of production, and now they face a new adversary: concentrated animal feeding operations - CAFOs - whose groundwater pumping is seen by many as the primary cause of their drying wells.... Read more»

Biden administration to reverse Trump-era coal wastewater rule

In a reversal of a Trump-era policy, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to enforce tougher regulations for the disposal of wastewater from coal-fired power plants, but it could take years before the new rule goes into effect. ... Read more»

EPA awards $220 million for uranium mine cleanup on Navajo Nation

The EPA said Thursday it will award contracts to three companies for the cleanup of some of the hundreds of abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation. Terms of the contracts require the companies to develop training programs “for Navajo individuals and businesses to promote professional growth” in areas related to the cleanup work.... Read more»

Clean water is key for Navajo Nation, other tribes, to avoid next pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the deep inequities that run through our country, and nowhere is that more stark than on the Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation has been the hardest hit Native tribe, with 3,122 positive COVID-19 cases and 100 deaths as of this writing. ... Read more»

Why Palo Verde, nation’s largest nuclear plant, is cutting wastewater use

There’s something in the Buckeye groundwater – a high mineral and salt content – that makes it hard to use, but the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station wants to tap into that source to reduce the amount of more valuable wastewater it now uses to cool the plant’s three reactors. ... Read more»

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