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Arizona protected Airbnb with 2016 law, but cities & activists hope to regain regulating power

With Arizona law tilted firmly in favor of Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms, cities and towns looking to stop the negative effects of homes in quiet neighborhoods being rented out as “party houses” are increasingly finding their hands tied. ... Read more»

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Paradise Valley Airbnb ordinance violates Arizona law, AG says

The Arizona Attorney General says that the most onerous parts of an ordinance passed earlier this year by the town of Paradise Valley aimed at reining in “party house” Airbnbs conflict with existing state law, putting $1.6 million of the town’s state shared revenue in limbo.... Read more»

Republican-backed measure to restrict filming of police officers passes Arizona Senate committee

Legislation which would make it illegal to film police officers within eight feet of them is closer to becoming Arizona law, despite concerns that it could hinder efforts to document misconduct.... Read more»

Arizona lawmaker who owns $1M Airbnb property seeks to block local regulations

Gilbert Republican Sen. Warren Petersen wants the attorney general to investigate an ordinance passed by Paradise Valley that regulates short-term home rentals, which he says violates state law, while the lawmaker himself owns a million-dollar luxury Airbnb listing in Gilbert. ... Read more»

Proposed Arizona law would publish undocumented immigrants' mugshots online

Undocumented immigrants on supervised probation who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony would have their pictures published online under new Arizona legislative proposal framed as a way to collect data on crime rates in the immigrant community.... Read more»

Movie tax credit would cost Arizona big, legislative analysts say

A new analysis of a push to lure movie productions to Arizona with $150 million in tax credits says claims that the state will see a return on its investment are unfounded — and the state could end up getting little in return for its money. ... Read more»

Stiff fentanyl sentences in Arizona would target users, not just dealers, critics say

A GOP plan to impose stiff prison sentences against those who make and sell fentanyl is more likely to sweep up drug addicts than the dealers it ostensibly seeks to punish, critics said Thursday. ... Read more»

Precinct committeeman bill on hold while Arizona Republicans seek Dem votes

A pair of bills that would restore elections for precinct committeemen, who are the voting members of a political party’s legislative district-level organizations, face an uncertain fate amid Democratic opposition after lawmakers rushed the bill that eliminated PC elections for 2022.... Read more»

Bill to strip derogatory term for Indigenous women from Arizona land wins Senate approval

A bill that would prohibit the Arizona Board on Geographic and Historic Names from naming any geographic feature, place of historical significance, or specified road using the derogatory term “sq***” has passed the Arizona Senate and is headed to the House.... Read more»

Arizona Senate votes to censure Wendy Rogers for threatening her colleagues

In the wake of her speech to a white nationalist conference and a string of offensive and inflammatory social media posts, the Arizona Senate voted to censure Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers.... Read more»

Az Senate approves $150M in tax credits for film producers

Arizona landscapes would have a better chance of ending up on the silver screen under a legislative proposal to lure production companies to the Grand Canyon State with $150 million in tax credits that the Senate has approved. ... Read more»

Bid to create Arizona lieutenant governor post clears Senate committee

For the eighth time in the dozen years since Arizonans last had an opportunity to consider such a proposal, lawmakers are trying to create a lieutenant governor position that would be first in the line of succession if the state’s chief executive vacates the office. ... Read more»

Arizona Republicans look to curb lobbying activities by cities, counties, school districts

On a party-line 4-3 vote, with all three Democratic members opposing the proposal, the Arizona Senate Government Committee approved Senate Bill 1198, which prohibits cities, towns, counties, school districts and other political subdivisions of the state from hiring outside lobbyists. ... Read more»

Proposal adds 'teeth' to Arizona parents’ bill of rights, paving way for lawsuits against teachers

Teachers could face lawsuits from parents and potential criminal charges under proposed legislation that adds penalties to violations of Arizona’s parents’ bill of rights. ... Read more»

Az Senate panel rejects bill to ban medical care for trans youth

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted down a controversial proposal that would have made it illegal for doctors to provide minors with puberty blockers, hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgeries for trans kids in Arizona. ... Read more»

Special master chooses experts for Arizona 'audit' examination of routers and logs

The special master who is overseeing the examination of Maricopa County’s routers as part of the so-called “audit” of the 2020 election has selected his team of experts, and the Senate has provided him with a list of questions it wants answered. ... Read more»

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