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Bipartisan budget boosts Arizona school funding, employee pay raises, transportation

Republicans and Democrats joined forces early Thursday morning to pass a $15.8 billion budget that significantly increases K-12 funding as state lawmakers scrambled to approve a spending plan and avert a state government shutdown on July 1.... Read more»

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Court tees up truckers to get paid for time spent in rigs not driving

At a time of spiraling inflation and high gas prices, the First Circuit showed little concern about an argument that America’s supply-chain problems will be even worse if truck drivers must be paid for the time they spend on the road but not working. ... Read more»

Many certificate programs don’t pay off, but colleges want to keep offering them anyway

Certificates are the fastest-growing credential in higher education, touted as solutions for people who want training fast - but nearly two-thirds of undergraduate certificate programs left their students worse off than the typical high school graduate. ... Read more»

Education, housing, paid leave: Advocates demand record budget surplus be invested in Arizonans’ well-being

Citing the state's record-high surplus, community advocacy organizations ACE and the People First Economy for Arizona called on legislators to ramp up education funding and mobilize the estimated $5.3 billion surplus to benefit Arizonans.... Read more»

'More than a warm body': Schools try long-term solutions to substitute teacher shortage

Long before the coronavirus pandemic forced states to take desperate measures to find substitutes, schools often struggled to cover teacher absences - now, school districts want more than quick fixes.... Read more»

Arizona unemployment hit 'historic' low of 3.3% in March, new data shows

Arizona’s unemployment rate fell to 3.3% in March, the lowest rate in almost a half-century, but the lower unemployment rate might also reflect a pandemic-driven drop in the labor force that has left some businesses hard-pressed to fill job openings.... Read more»

Trump-era farmworkers wage freeze gutted by federal judge

Handing summary judgment to the nation’s largest farmworkers union, a federal judge ruled a federal wage freeze for migrant farm laborers instituted by the Trump administration was unlawful, writing the wage freeze violates the Immigration and Nationality Act.... Read more»

As guest workers increase, so do concerns about wage cheating

From 2005 to 2020, U.S. employers around the country were ordered to pay more than $42.5 million in back wages to 69,000 workers who perform seasonal low-wage jobs on H-2A and H-2B visas - but labor advocates are worried that many more workers are being cheated.... Read more»

Narrowing of state, U.S. gender wage gaps slow; may widen post-pandemic

The wage gap that had been narrowing between men and women stalled in 2019, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, and advocates fear the situation will only get worse when pandemic-era data is released. ... Read more»

Southwestern states make changes to welfare after ProPublica investigations

Across the Southwest, states are reconsidering how they approach welfare, with several legislatures enacting or considering new laws to ensure that more assistance is made available to low-income families struggling to afford rent, child care, groceries and diapers. ... Read more»

La economía de Arizona cerca a los estándares previos a la pandemia

A medida que se acerca el segundo aniversario de la pandemia de COVID-19, los analistas dicen que la economía de los EE. UU. ha vuelto casi por completo a la normalidad y que la economía de Arizona está operando al 97 % de lo que era en marzo de 2020.... Read more»

Rising wages could not keep pace with rising prices in Arizona in 2021

Wages rose 5.3% in the Phoenix metro area last year - but prices rose almost twice as fast, with rising fuel and food prices eroding workers’ buying power - a situation mirrored across the U.S., where an average 5% increase in wages was outstripped by a 7% rise in the CPI. ... Read more»


Another million adults ‘have stepped off the path to the middle class’

A sharp decline in the number of Americans going to college - down nearly a million since the start of the pandemic and by nearly 3 million over the last decade - could alter American society for the worse, even as economic rivals such as China vastly increase university enrollment.... Read more»


Why is inflation so high? Is it bad? An economist answers 3 questions about soaring consumer prices

Consumer prices jumped 6.8% in November 2021 from a year earlier – the fastest rate of increase since 1982 – and an economist explains what’s driving the recent increase in inflation and how it affects consumers, companies and the economy.... Read more»

El Servicio Postal ha engañado a los carteros durante años

Decenas de gerentes de oficinas de correos han sido sorprendidos cambiando las tarjetas de asistencia de los empleados ... Read more»

USPS has cheated mail carriers for years

Dozens of post office managers have been caught changing employee time cards. ... Read more»

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