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'Don’t lessen our power' tribal voters wait to see how Arizona redistricting treats them

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission’s draft maps for both the state’s 30 legislative districts and nine congressional districts — which will be used for the next decade — weaken the influence that Native American voters will have on who gets elected.... Read more»

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Arizona senator wants to cancel vote on in-state Dreamer tuition because GOP senators were in minority

Republican Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita says voters shouldn’t get to weigh in on a ballot measure next year that would repeal a state law prohibiting undocumented students from accessing in-state tuition because not enough Republicans supported the proposal.... Read more»

Votantes de Arizona deben saber como mantenerse registrados y funcionarios del estado quieren ayudar

Con los cambios en las leyes de votación, las oficinas del Secretario de Estado de Arizona y el Registrador del Condado están enseñando a los votantes a registrarse y permanecer registrados para las elecciones de 2022.... Read more»

Arizona voters should know how to stay registered for the 2022 election, and state officials want to help

Arizona election officials and other organizations that help register voters say that voters in the state should be aware of changes in voting laws if they want to stay registered to vote in 2022. ... Read more»

Most Arizona voters support masks in schools, but not Republicans

A recent poll shows a strong majority of Arizona voters — but only a small fraction of Republicans — support face mask mandates and vaccine requirements in schools and government buildings to combat the spread of COVID-19.... Read more»

Cyber Ninjas leader ignored records contradicting false claim about Az 'audit'

Supporters of Arizona's 'audit' have repeated Doug Logan's statement that 74,243 mail-in ballots were counted that had “no clear record of them being sent” - yet he had records for months showing that almost every one of those voters legally cast a legitimate ballot at an in-person early voting center.... Read more»

Poll: Arizonans don’t want to re-elect Biden, but will support him over Trump

Arizonans don’t want to re-elect President Joe Biden to another term in 2024, but will again give the state’s 11 electoral votes to him if he’s running against Donald Trump, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has better job approval ratings from Republican voters than from her fellow Democrats.... Read more»

Poll: Arizona voters don’t trust the Senate’s election 'audit'

A poll of Arizona voters finds that more than half don’t trust the Arizona Senate’s 'audit' of Maricopa County’s election, and almost half of voters say they’re less likely to vote for a senator who backed the 'audit'.... Read more»

Biden claims 'clear victory' as Arizonans await final vote counts in razor-thin election

Amid celebrations on one side, and vows to keep fighting on the other, Arizonans on Sunday awaited final vote counts even as President-elect Joe Biden claimed a “clear victory, a convincing victory” and began making plans for the next four years.... Read more»

Swipe right on 2020 election: Groups find new ways to attract young Arizona voters

Activists who believe young voters in Arizona have the power to swing the state are working to mobilize this often inconsistent and underrepresented group by engaging with them across all platforms – including Bumble and Tinder.... Read more»

Young-voter turnout up sharply, but still trails most other age groups

Young Arizonans are casting ballots at more than three times the rate they did in 2014, according to an analysis of early voting, the possible result of such high-profile voter registration efforts as March for Our Lives.... Read more»

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Independence Day

The number of independents in Arizona has increased by 43,085 since this time last year. But how "independent" are non-party voters?... Read more»

Independents pick up 43K registered voters in Arizona

The first voter registration report of 2015 showed that the number of independents in Arizona has increased by 43,085 since this time last year. ... Read more»

Comic: Politics

The American Way

Surprise, surprise, Mitt Romney pays around 15 percent of his "income" in taxes. That's because his income isn't "income," it's capital gains — taxes on which we'd all like to have to pay.... Read more»


Latino voters make their mark

Latino voters had a lot to be steamed about in this midterm election. Immigrant bashing reached a new low this campaign season and Latino voters reacted, causing significant reverberations. ... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

O'Donnell mania sweeps D.C.

Smart v. Stupid: Both Democrats and Republicans are rooting for Christine O’Donnell and her long shot bid to win a seat in the Senate next term. How can that be? No one expects her to win, but everyone agrees she’s a laugh riot.... Read more»

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