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Election officials in Arizona, other battleground states, stand up against restrictive voting laws

Across the country, election officials this legislative season made their voices heard through appeals to lawmakers, urging them not to enact voting laws that they saw as unfeasible or unnecessary, or that would ultimately make their jobs more difficult. ... Read more»

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White House report highlights voting barriers for Native American voters

Language barriers, cultural disrespect, outright hostility, extreme physical distances to polling places, lack of accessibility and persistent poverty are just some of the obstacles Native Americans face when it comes to exercising their right to vote.... Read more»

Every Az voter's name, address & ballot would be published online after every election under GOP proposal

Every Arizona voter who casts a ballot would have their name and address published online by election officials under a proposal being backed by Republican legislators. ... Read more»

Arizona bill to ban drive-up voting, curbside drop boxes could harm voters with disabilities

Arizona Republicans who still reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential race introduced a spate of election reform bills this legislative session that would restrict voting access – including some that opponents argue could disenfranchise voters with disabilities. ... Read more»


Some states are making it harder to vote, some easier - but it's too early to determine effect on 2022 vote

There’s been a good deal of crying foul about what are being called anti-democratic new state laws that make it harder to vote - but But it turns out such laws might have little impact on voter turnout and vote margins in an election. ... Read more»

Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice

Native American tribes and organizations throughout the nation are working to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard as states go about drawing political maps that determine who will wield power for the next decade. ... Read more»

Az GOP activists fuming about canceled precinct elections, but issue began in 2019

A perfect storm of pandemic-induced delays in the census, unintended consequences from multiple years’ worth of legislation and an unconventional legal interpretation by the secretary of state created a problem that triggered a change to the law that has enraged the GOP’s activist base. ... Read more»

GOP bills to restrict some voter registrations clear Arizona Senate committee

Arizona Senate Republicans on Monday advanced bills on voter registration that critics say will discourage some younger people — particularly college students — from registering to vote. ... Read more»

The 'legislative circus' came to Arizona Capitol to highlight voter suppression

The grass lawns in front of the Arizona Capitol were filled with brightly painted circus-style games - all of them satirical references to recent legislation restricting voting rights - and event organized by Progress Arizona to highlight "ridiculous bills that are based on lies."... Read more»

Early Arizona voter ID measure will be on November ballot

Arizona voters will decide in November whether they should have to put more than a signature on early ballots - if approved, the law would require something extra: a driver’s license number, state identification number, the last four digits of a Social Security number or a voter ID number.... Read more»

Voting machines have been used in Arizona since 1881, but a GOP bill would bar them

Voting would return to 19th Century methods — with their glacial pace and flawed accuracy -– and reduce voter access under legislation Republicans approved in a legislative committee that would ban machines from counting votes, critics said. ... Read more»

Permanent election 'audit' could be staffed by Cyber Ninjas under Az Senate bill

An Arizona Senate committee voted Thursday to advance an election reform bill that would create a permanent election audit team under the under the auditor general's office, which currently does not field an elections audit team.... Read more»

Arizona Republican lawmakers move to clean up voter rolls

In a meeting riddled with false accusations of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, Republican senators approved bills in the Senate Government Committee to increase the monitoring of voter registration rolls and purge more voters from the voting rolls. ... Read more»

Bogus Arizona election fraud claims spur changes to drop boxes, passwords, election observers

Bills based on unfounded and debunked claims of fraud that have become orthodoxy among Republicans passed the first hurdle to becoming law Thursday after a committee hearing full of misinformation about the 2020 Arizona election. ... Read more»

Move 2023 Super Bowl out of Arizona? That’s what faith leaders want because of voting bill restrictions

Faith leaders from around the country are calling for the NFL to move the 2023 Super Bowl out of Arizona, citing several bills they characterize as voter suppression. ... Read more»

Despite lingering claims, election officials hope to put 2020 in the past

While bipartisan panel of election officials preferred to look forward to the 2022 general elections, other voting rights advocates said officials cannot afford to ignore the ongoing threat posed by election deniers.... Read more»

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