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Arizona Supreme Court to decide AZGOP chair’s attempt to overturn election

State GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward is asking the Arizona Supreme Court to send her lawsuit challenging the results of presidential election back to trial court so she can review more ballots, while the Secretary of State's Office and Maricopa County are asking the justices to reject her case on the grounds that she's already failed to show that President Donald Trump actually won Arizona.... Read more»

If Trump tries to sue his way to election victory, here’s what happens

It’s easy enough for the Trump campaign to file a lawsuit claiming improprieties, but a lot harder to provide evidence of wrongdoing or a convincing legal argument. Here’s what you need to know as the election lawsuits start to mount.... Read more»


Trump’s falsehood-filled speech on the election

Shortly before 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 4, Trump made his remarks from the White House, falsely saying he had already defeated Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with millions of votes still to be counted in several too-close-to-call states. He baselessly claimed some kind of “fraud” had occurred.... Read more»


Election officials prepare for voter intimidation threat

Election officials across the country have begun reviewing security plans at early and Election Day voting sites, strengthening ties with local law enforcement and training poll workers to prepare for voter intimidation tactics.... Read more»

Court blocks order giving voters more time to fix unsigned mail ballots

A federal appeals court Tuesday temporarily blocked a lower court ruling that would have given Arizona voters five days past Election Day to fix early ballots that were accidentally filed without a signature.... Read more»

Az Dems sue Trump, GOP, to stop what they call voter intimidation

The Arizona Democratic Party has filed suit against presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, the Arizona Republican Party and others for what it calls a coordinated effort to “depress voter turnout,” particularly among minority voters.... Read more»