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What’s likely to happen to Arizona’s proof of citizenship law

Though the Supreme Court ruled in 2013 Arizona’s requirement of proof of citizenship for people registering to vote in state elections was not permissible in federal elections, Republican state officials have tried again, hoping for different results.... Read more»

Brnovich discloses 'interim' findings of civil election probe, angering some Republicans

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich released an “interim report” - initiated following the conclusion of "review" of Maricopa County’s election - that made clear investigators are conducting a civil and not a criminal probe, and they had uncovered little more than record-keeping issues.... Read more»

Problems with Texas law could foreshadow problems with Arizona’s early ballot voter ID proposal

A 1,300% increase in the number of absentee ballots that get rejected under a new voter ID law in Texas could provide a cautionary example for Arizonans in November when they decide whether to enact similar requirements for early voting.... Read more»

Early Arizona voter ID measure will be on November ballot

Arizona voters will decide in November whether they should have to put more than a signature on early ballots - if approved, the law would require something extra: a driver’s license number, state identification number, the last four digits of a Social Security number or a voter ID number.... Read more»

Arizona GOP pushes bills to require voters prove citizenship

The Republican-controlled Arizona House voted Monday to amend and advance election reform bills that would require voters to furnish proof of citizenship upon registration and prohibit election officials from being on hand counting teams. ... Read more»

Republican lawmakers seek new powers over elections

The pervasive myths of a stolen 2020 presidential election and widespread voter fraud are still dominant in many state legislatures, as Republican policymakers call for more investigations and reshape election administration in a way that could give them a partisan advantage.... Read more»

Lies about the 2020 election propel Arizona bills aimed at combating non-existent fraud

Cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd that espoused conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential vote, the Senate Government Committee advanced a slew of bills aimed at curbing or alleviating concerns about election fraud in Arizona, despite little evidence of such incidents. ... Read more»

Arizona voters should know how to stay registered for the 2022 election, and state officials want to help

Arizona election officials and other organizations that help register voters say that voters in the state should be aware of changes in voting laws if they want to stay registered to vote in 2022. ... Read more»

States begin prep for mail-in voting in presidential election

Election officials in states with restrictive absentee requirements are looking for ways to allow as many voters as possible to use absentee ballots, a safer alternative to in-person voting in a global pandemic. I... Read more»

Tribes strike back: Native Americans work to overcome voter laws they say diminish their influence

Across the West, Native Americans are fighting to overcome voter ID laws, polling place closures and voter registration purges. They could affect key midterm elections... Read more»