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New study finds voting by mail does not increase risk of voting fraud

A first-of-its-kind study focused on the likelihood of various attacks on mail voting in the United States determined "that expanding mail voting is safe and should be used moving forward because it increases voter access and reduces the likelihood of adversarial interference."... Read more»

Seven states to watch in the 2022 push to restrict voting rights

As federal legislation that would limit state-level voting restrictions appears stymied in Washington, Republican state lawmakers across the country are ramping up their drive to enact voting and election-related laws in time for crucial 2022 midterm elections.... Read more»

Votantes de Arizona deben saber como mantenerse registrados y funcionarios del estado quieren ayudar

Con los cambios en las leyes de votación, las oficinas del Secretario de Estado de Arizona y el Registrador del Condado están enseñando a los votantes a registrarse y permanecer registrados para las elecciones de 2022.... Read more»

GOP lawmaker kills Arizona's early voting bill, says 'audit' results should come first

A Republican bill that would have removed up to an estimated 200,000 voters from the list of people who automatically receive mail-in ballots is dead, and the GOP senator who dealt the fatal blow said she did it because she wants to wait until after the Arizona Senate completes its big election 'audit'.... Read more»

Could name change spur Texas voter ID issue? Officials say no

While most of the focus on the recently implemented Texas voter ID law has been related to allegations of racial discrimination, some online reports have recently raised concerns that the law could disenfranchise a different demographic: people who have legally changed their names, particularly women. But election officials say the concerns are unwarranted.... Read more»

Can vote-by-mail fix those long lines at the polls?

When it comes to absentee and mail-in voting, researchers and voting rights advocates aren’t sure the convenience is worth the potential for hundreds of thousands of rejected ballots.... Read more»1

Az voter ID opponents ask court to uphold earlier ruling

Opponents of Arizona’s voter identification law asked the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to let a lower court decision take effect that would end the state’s requirement of proof of citizenship for voter registration.... Read more»1

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Report details growth potential for Latino votes in Texas

As Texas readies for a battle against the Department of Justice over the state’s voter ID law, Latinos — who opponents of the law say will be most affected — have the potential to increase the state’s voter rolls by more than 2 million people.... Read more»