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No cold elders: Volunteers provide firewood for Navajo families ahead of winter

As winter approaches, volunteers with Chizh for Cheii are preparing to deliver firewood to elders on the Navajo Nation reservation, where nearly 90% of homes rely on wood for heat.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Clean Elections survives repeal

Today on Buckmaster - Daniel Ruiz on Clean Elections, Shelly Fishman has the Tuesday Money Maker Report, Dana Bartholomew talks about volunteering, and Margaret Regan has the Buckmaster Show arts update. ... Read more»

Martin Luther King Jr. honored with Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr. will be honored today with not one, but two holidays: the federal MLK Day, and the lesser-known Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.... Read more»

Brewer gives 'State of the State' for centennial

Gov. Jan Brewer spoke about the Jan. 8 shooting victims and said "the tears belong to Arizona" when she delivered her State of the State in Phoenix on Monday.... Read more»

Study: More Arizonans active in communities

More Arizonans say they are participating in civic activities like interacting with neighbors and contacting public officials, according to a report released at a conference Friday by a nonpartisan research organization.... Read more»