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Supreme Court narrows the definition of violent crime

Attempted robbery does not fall under the definition of a crime of violence, the Supreme Court ruled, setting a distinction that will save people convicted under the Hobbs Act of facing additional prison time on top of a sentence set to max out at 20 years.... Read more»

Despite rhetoric, border counties’ violent crime about average for U.S.

An analysis of four years of violent crime data for the border counties as a whole showed they were usually slightly above the national average, following no obvious trend.... Read more»

Heat and violence pose twin threats for asylum-seekers waiting at border

Asylum-seeking families following U.S. rules and crossing at the designated ports of entry can face monthslong waits and dangerous conditions on the Mexican side of the border.... Read more»

Violent crime remains high on tribal lands

The level of violent crime on reservations is still far higher than in other communities a year after broad measures to boost law enforcement took effect, officials told the Senate Indian Affairs Committee on Thursday.... Read more»