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'Are you going to keep me safe?' Hospital workers sound alarm on rising violence

Eighteen months after the start of the pandemic, front-line health care workers say they are experiencing an alarming rise in violence in their workplaces - something hospital executives were already attuned to workplace violence before the pandemic struck.... Read more»

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Cannabis companies say legal weed will save Mexico, but no one’s sure how

Sponsors of Expoweed 2021 in Mexico City - which aims to “break stigmas” of marijuana use and “create new paradigms as a society” - hails the cannabis industry’s ability to tackle society’s issues, but understates the history of drug violence as Mexico moves towards legalization.... Read more»

Nogales art exhibit challenges U.S. border politics with spirituality and nature

The Hilltop Gallery in Nogales, Arizona is showing an exhibit, "Donde Mueren los Sueños" or "Where Dreams Die," focused on immigration and border policy at the U.S. Southwest border, and It's curator, Michele Maggiora, said the exhibit's artists are doing so by first arousing a sense of spirituality and love of nature in its audience. ... Read more»

FBI warns of armed election protests nationwide

Authorities are on high alert for extremist right-wing groups that are armed and said to pose a dangerous threat to all Americans following the insurrectionist siege of the U.S. Capitol.... Read more»

Cities, police brace for possible unrest after heated election

National and local law enforcement agencies are preparing to respond in case civil disturbances break out after Tuesday’s elections, which experts fear may have a “different venue for challenging election results, namely in the streets.”... Read more»

Migrant deaths in Arizona deserts reach 7-year high

Remains of 181 migrants were found in the Arizona desert through the end of September, 37 more than in all of last year and the most since 2013, according to the group Humane Borders.... Read more»

Police using rubber bullets on protesters that can kill, blind or maim for life

In cities across the country, police departments have attempted to quell unrest spurred by the death of George Floyd by firing rubber bullets into crowds, even though five decades of evidence shows such weapons can disable, disfigure and even kill.... Read more»

Woman says she was raped at private prison on eve of deportation

A Mexican woman sued prison contractor CoreCivic on Wednesday, claiming a man in street clothes beat and raped her in its Houston detention center and she gave birth to his daughter after she was deported. ... Read more»

Mexican border cities: too dangerous for Americans but safe enough for migrants, U.S. government says

The State Department has issued warnings advising against travel to Mexican border states and the president has considered labeling cartels as terrorist organizations. But Trump officials continue to downplay the violence in cities where "remain in Mexico" is in place. ... Read more»

Southern border apprehensions surge to highest rate in 10 years

The number of migrants apprehended at the southern border surged to 144,278 in May, bringing the total for the first eight months of fiscal 2019 to 676,315, already more than any full year in the last decade.... Read more»


Ranking says Az anything but 'peaceful' place

Arizona seems to have earned a national reputation for violent rhetoric, but are we truly a violent place? The answer — well, one answer — is: pretty much.... Read more»

Texas warns students to avoid spring break in Mexico

The Texas Department of Public Safety is again warning students to avoid traveling to Mexico during spring break.... Read more»

Brewer: Feds exaggerating claims that border is safe

Gov. Jan Brewer accused Washington officials Tuesday of falsely claiming that Arizona’s border with Mexico is more secure than ever.... Read more»2

Mexico's Silicon Valley fends off cartel concerns

While touting Guadalajara as Mexico's Silicon Valley, President Felipe Calderón fielded questions on whether the city he's trying to attract investors to is safe from the drug violence that has plagued the country.... Read more»

Peace Corps pullout hits Honduras, world's murder capital

The Peace Corps on Wednesday announced it was pulling out of Honduras — recently named the murder capital of the world — for safety reasons.... Read more»

Gunmen kill ambulance driver in Mexico, 4 die

An ambulance driver was killed on Wednesday in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexico border city that saw a massive uptick in violence as cartels compete for territory. ... Read more»

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