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Let’s recall what exactly Paul Manafort and Rudy Giuliani were doing in Ukraine

Though Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is just days old, Russia has been working for years to influence and undermine the independence of its smaller neighbor - as it happens, two prominent Americans have played a role in that effort.... Read more»


Ukraine's road to normalacy

Sunday’s presidential election is a major milestone in Ukraine’s return to normalcy, but the country is not out of the woods yet. ... Read more»

Three things everyone should know about Ukraine

Some key facts to keep in mind about a conflict steeped in propaganda.... Read more»


Ukraine: What the hell just happened?

The images have been burned into the world’s consciousness: a huge square filled with protesters; black smoke billowing over a beautiful and historical city. Bodies are rushed by on stretchers, angry voices are raised. A man with his feet on fire dances madly around before someone shoves him to the ground to smother the flames. Whatever else the recent events in Ukraine may ultimately bring in their wake, they certainly were telegenic.... Read more»


Is Kyrgyzstan upheaval bad for the U.S.?

Three days after thousands of protesters President Bakiyev from the capital, officials in the country's new government expressed outrage that Washington turned a blind eye to the deposed administration's abuses. Some of them are calling for the closure of the United States' air base.... Read more»2