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Arizona budget bill provision would allow DPS to block release of all video records

Tucked into a budget bill on criminal justice is a provision that would allow the Arizona Department of Public Safety to outright deny releasing any video records the agency possesses and to heavily edit any videos it chooses to make public.... Read more»

Racist housewives of Mexico City?

Mexico, Latin America's biggest online video user, is abuzz about web videos of rich folks trashing poor folks. The scenes of abuse have spotlighted an evil that Mexicans rarely admit to: racism. (with videos)... Read more»


Opposable thumbs and the border fence

When documentary filmmaker Roy Germano posted a video on YouTube showing a couple of girls scaling the border fence with ease, it got some people (and deer) thinking ...... Read more»

Scaling the border fence

Just how much of a deterrent is the "danged fence" anyway? Here's a video that shows two girls climbing to the top in just a few seconds.... Read more»

Brewer: 'Longest 16 seconds of my life'

The pause heard 'round the world? Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's 16-second pause at the beginning of Wednesday's debate between candidates for governor has gone viral. Here's your chance to watch the entire video.... Read more»2

Jon Stewart has his fun with Louie Gohmert

When he warned of terror babies on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last week, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, told Cooper that he and comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, could “have their fun” with him. So, Stewart did.... Read more»

Texas lawmakers on anchor babies: The mash-up

Can't get enough of Texas lawmakers and the "terror baby" threat? Neither can we.... Read more»

Police training: Racial profiling not allowed under SB 1070

Police should not use race when deciding to ask about immigration status under SB 1070, training material released Thursday says. Tucson's police chief says the law will be a "drain on resources" and that he's "absolutely certain that we are going to be accused of racial profiling."... Read more»1

The perfect crime?: Bank bosses and the financial crisis

There is growing evidence that fraud was at the heart of the current financial crisis. Why haven't more bank bosses been held responsible for this mess? (Video)... Read more»


How to report the news

Video: Brit Charlie Brooker explains how TV news works.... Read more»