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Trump official implies border wall might go on Mexico side of Rio Grande

Though Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke didn't say it directly, his remarks implied the border wall would have to go on the southern side of the Rio Grande River — in Mexico. ... Read more»

As U.S. marijuana legalization spreads, Mexican 'mota' takes a dive

Less demand for Mexican marijuana could be reducing homicides, and some spy a future of a legal cross-border trade.... Read more»

Journalist accuses Mexican presidents of drug cartel links

Anabel Hernandez talks about why she thinks Mexico’s government is more dangerous than its gangsters.... Read more»

Even caged, Mexican kingpin El Chapo can bite

With cartel kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman back behind bars, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto must decide what to do with his prize, as communities and gunmen the mega-gangster controlled brace for a bloody backlash.... Read more»

Ex-Mx pres Fox: 'Total advocate' for legalizing drugs

“Leaders commit” to resolving issues such as reforming U.S. immigration policy, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Thursday during a visit to Arizona. Fox, who served as Mexico’s president from 2000-2006, also said he’s become a “total advocate” for legalizing drugs.... Read more»1

Mexico has something to say about U.S. fencing it off

After a long silence, Mexican officials are piping up about U.S. Congress' immigration reform plan because, as they see it, border fences don't work and crimp jobs and growth. ... Read more»1


Immigration reform: ‘Here we go again,’ Latin Americans say

Excitement, or anxiety, is rising fast in the United States — depending on which side of the immigration debate you take the pulse.... Read more»

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Mexico’s former leader: Immigration reform would strengthen economy

Action by Congress on comprehensive immigration reform would benefit the economies of Arizona, the U.S. and Mexico, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Thursday.... Read more»

Will Calderón strike a nerve in Havana?

Mexican President Felipe Calderón's trip to Cuba may do more to highlight the ongoing estrangement between the two countries than it will their historic ties.... Read more»

Mexico election campaigns kick off

The 2012 presidential election in Mexico promises to bring change, especially with the opposition PRI entering the race as the prohibitive favorite.... Read more»


Is Calderón OK with legalizing pot?

Flanked between Mexican and U.S. flags, President Felipe Calderón was unleashing his familiar tirade against drug gangs in New York on Monday. But he dropped a bombshell: If the United States can’t cut demand for drugs, it must look for alternative solutions.... Read more»

Mexico's murder capital: 7 circles of Juarez

If Dante had ever been to Juarez he would have placed it squarely in the seventh circle of hell, the one housing "violence" and "ringed by a river of boiling blood."... Read more»2