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Latin America's subdued reaction to bin Laden news

In Brazil, a soccer match was bigger news than Osama bin Laden's death. Reaction across Latin America was generally subdued and congratulatory — except in Venezuela.... Read more»

Gaddafi wants to 'die a martyr' in Libya; UN Security Council meets

Muammar Gaddafi told Libyan TV on Tuesday that he wanted to "die as a martyr" in Libya, even as leaders of a popular revolt seized control in some areas of the country and top officials resigned to protest bloody attacks on civilians. (with video)... Read more»

Latin America in 2011: The year ahead

A Latin American decade? The term is starting to be tossed around. We won't pretend to have a magic eight ball, but there's certainly plenty to watch in the region.... Read more»

Latin American leaders burned by WikiLeaks cables

Candid pronouncements on Latin America that became public thanks to Wikileaks began offer an unvarnished glimpse into America’s diplomatic priorities and methods as it navigates the hemisphere closest to home.... Read more»

Combating Chile's exploding obesity rates

Gone are the days when McDonald’s fliers boasting of well-balanced meals of cheeseburgers and French fries landed on Chilean doorsteps. Now there is talk of taxing junk food and putting warnings on fatty foods to combat Chile’s exploding obesity rates.... Read more»

Facebook privacy: Does the world care?

Most applaud Facebook for making recent privacy changes, though many feel it still has further to go to safeguard people’s privacy. But what about the reaction in other countries?... Read more»

Hugo Chavez

Venezuela's socialist cities: Solution to poverty?

Ciudad Mariche is a "socialist city," a project designed to solve not only Venezuela's chronic housing shortage but provide long-term solutions to poverty and crime. But like many of Hugo Chavez's policies, it also courts controversy. Critics say it may be a surreptitious way of invading the right to private property. ... Read more»

El Porvenir

Is Venezuela flooding an unexplored holy site?

Known as El Porvenir, this pre-Columbian indigenous site in a remote part of western Venezuela has never been truly examined by archaeologists. And now it looks like it may never be. The government plans to flood the valley in which it lies to create a hydroelectric dam.... Read more»

The revolution will be televised

During the past two decades, the U.S. government has spent some $500 million to beam news and commentary with an anti-Castro bent into Cuba. But the programming hasn't exactly been a ratings success.... Read more»

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