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Latin America's growing taste for whisky

With Latin American markets becoming more stable, consumers south of the border are raising a dram. Scotland's whisky industry has long placed its bets on Asian countries as drivers of growth, but as Latin Americans' taste for global luxury increases, distillers are hedging their bets.... Read more»

Mexican ambassador kidnapped, released in Venezuela

The quick kidnap and release of Mexico's ambassador to Venezuela Sunday night highlights the country's issues with security. Caracas is often listed amongst the most dangerous cities in the world, ranked alongside war zones.... Read more»

U.S. Men's national soccer team

Yanks beat Los Llanteros in Glendale

The U.S. Men's national team dominated Venezuela, but it took last minute heroics from Ricardo Clark to give the Nats the victory.... Read more»2

500 killed in Venezuelan jails in 2011

With inmates wielding machine guns, rifles and grenades and guards often unwilling to enter the overcrowded buildings for fear of their own death, jails in Venezuela have become a lawless territory that magnify the violence outside their walls.... Read more»

Wilson Ramos

Venezuelan gunmen kidnap MLB player

Gunmen kidnapped Washington Nationals player Wilson Ramos on Wednesday from his home in native Venezuela.... Read more»

Hugo Chavez eyes luxury resort for next grab

Hugo Chavez, always the socialist crusader, announced that he intended to seize the yachts and property of the luxury resort Los Roques — including the houses of some of Venezuela's wealthiest businessmen — and make use of the resources for state tourism.... Read more»

Chavez doctor flees Venezuela after cancer comments

A Venezuelan doctor who said President Hugo Chavez would die of cancer within two years has fled the country.... Read more»

Hugo Chavez says he's cancer-free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned to his country after five days in Cuba for medical tests and told supporters Thursday that he is cancer-free.... Read more»

Chavez says he'll fix Venezuela's housing shortage

President Hugo Chavez has already announced his intention to run for a fourth term, despite his current battle with cancer. His government says it will build 350,000 free or low-cost homes, and offer cheap home loans ahead of the vote.... Read more»

Hugo Chavez won't recognize Libya rebels

Even after rebels breached Muammar Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli on Tuesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — a friend and ally of Gaddafi's — said that his country only recognizes "one government" in Libya, "the one led by Muammar Gaddafi."... Read more»

Hugo Chavez images released amid cancer speculation

The governments of Venezuela and Cuba released images late Tuesday of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to show that the socialist leader is recovering from an operation amid speculation that he has prostate cancer. ... Read more»

Chavez's ill health and silence spark concern in Venezuela

Speculation in Venezuela is growing over President Hugo Chavez’s health, two weeks after he underwent surgery in Cuba for what was said to be a pelvic abscess.... Read more»

Let there be bytes

Cubans look forward to ringing in the digital age

New undersea fiberoptic cable is due to go online this summer and once Cuban authorities finally turn on the juice, bandwidth capacity for the least-connected country in the hemisphere will leap by a factor of 3,000.... Read more»

What does it mean to be a leftist in Latin America?

Leaders of an international leftist alliance descended on Managua this week to compare revolutionary credentials and strategize their next move in their hemispheric struggle against neoliberalism.... Read more»

Tax haven America

U.S. and its banks called world's 'biggest tax haven'

Even as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service crusades against Americans using offshore banks to hide money, these tax experts say, the United States itself serves as a massive haven for international tax cheats.... Read more»

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