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Tucson sounds: Little Cat the Lionhearted

Meet Little Cat, a local singer songwriter with a short tenure but big, big dreams. Plus, raising a glass to the late Van Christian, and local musicians showing love for one of their favorite "Bob" friends.... Read more»


Van Christian: The story never ends

Van Christian has shuffled off this mortal coil, but is somehow going to live forever anyway. The frontman for desert rockers Naked Prey died Tuesday, a day after his 62nd birthday, and every firework the preceding evening really was, somehow, for Van.... Read more»

Touched by eternity: Van Christian's music brought the thunder & heat lightning

Some bands just sound so great when you're driving, and one of my favorite driving bands has always been Tucson's Naked Prey, led by singer-guitarist Van Christian, who died overnight Monday. — Falling James of Leaving Trains... Read more»


Remembering Jo Tamez, a Tucson muse

Remembering Joann Tamez: beloved muse of Tucson's early punk and post-punk scene... Read more»

Weekend music

Tucson sounds: The rise of Tucson's Black Renaissance

An interview with Black Renaissance founder Louis Dumas, better known as Seanloui. Plus, your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup and this week's local listings.... Read more»

Weekend preview: a sixpack to go

Here at the Sentinel, we would like to commemorate National Poetry Month's end by invoking Baudelaire's poetic imperative to "Get Drunk." Not that this necessitates the imbibing of potent potables; Baudelaire goes on to direct readers to intoxicate themselves "On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!"... Read more»