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Tucson-area BP agents rescue man after Mexico shooting

A Mexican man who had been shot in the arm before he crossed into the U.S. was treated by Tucson-area Border Patrol agents Wednesday morning in a remote area of the Tohono O'odham Nation. ... Read more»

'Dedicated' Border Patrol agent killed in Sells cycle crash

The cause of the motorcycle crash that killed Border Patrol Agent Manuel Alvarez, 37, remains under investigation, said Tucson Sector Chief Paul Beeson during a news conference Friday. ... Read more»

Border roundup

Supreme Court looks at Az as injured men, explosives found in desert

Border roundup: Arizona proposition becomes a test case for voter registration laws, family green cards face restrictions, injured men and explosives are found in the desert and Mexican towns and newspapers respond to cartel violence.... Read more»

Man with throat slashed found at border; 2 dead in Mexico

A Mexican man whose throat had been cut was found by Border Patrol agents near the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday, a spokesman confirmed. Sources said three others with slashed throats were found by Mexican authorities just over the border, two of whom were dead.... Read more»