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Summer spikes expected in Valley fever, cases on rise across Az

Summer is underway in Southern Arizona and with it comes not only an increase in temperatures, but also in the number of new Valley fever cases.... Read more»

Valley fever research gets first major Arizona funding boost in 15 years

Researchers from Arizona’s three state universities will get $3.1 million to pinpoint hotspots and infection patterns for Valley fever, providing new tools to combat the fungal disease that sickens more people in Arizona than in any other state.... Read more»

Valley fever vaccine for dogs shows promising results, first step toward human trials

A new Valley fever vaccine for dogs appears to provide a safe and effective defense against the fungal illness that sickens thousands of pets in Arizona each year, and marks a significant milestone that could lead to a similar vaccine for humans.... Read more»

Masks can reduce risk of Valley fever, Arizona experts say

Arizona has recorded more than 6,800 cases of Valley fever so far this year, according to July data from the Arizona Department of Health Services - and cases have steadily climbed every year since 2016 - but one way to protect yourself is by wearing your mask.... Read more»

As threat of valley fever grows beyond the Southwest, push is on for vaccine

Valley fever is getting more attention for a few reasons. The number of cases has been increasing, and a study last year predicted it may spread north through the West as the climate warms.... Read more»

As valley fever education increases, so does the infection’s reach

New research finds that as climate change alters American landscapes in the coming decades, valley fever has the potential to spread far beyond the Southwest. ... Read more»

$4.8M grant to speed UA's work on Valley fever vaccine for dogs

Researchers at the University of Arizona say they’ve made progress in developing a vaccine that could protect dogs from Valley fever, a potentially deadly respiratory disease common in the Southwest.... Read more»