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Arizona continues push to open new uranium mines near Grand Canyon

Arizona officials continue to support a federal court battle to allow new uranium mining operations on a million acres surrounding the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

Mercury found in trout caught in three Grand Canyon creeks

With their natural beauty and protected environments, the Grand Canyon and other national parks in the West would seem removed from having mercury in their streams and rivers. But a federal study found small levels of the contaminant in rainbow and brown trout at three Grand Canyon creeks, as well as in fish at 20 other parks.... Read more»


Faith in values: Sequestration hurts all of us, not just most vulnerable

It’s Day 90 of sequestration—the across-the-board spending cuts that went into effect March 1, which the Obama administration predicted would be devastating and conservatives insisted wouldn’t be so bad. Three months in, it’s worth asking how harmful the phased-in cuts have been—although that depends on whom you ask.... Read more»

Southwest Climate Science Center

UA center studies regional climate change

The Southwest Climate Science Center is headed by Dr. Stephen Jackson and is one of eight centers around the country that coordinates research by universities and scientific institutions. Through scientific cooperation they hope to better address climate change. ... Read more»

Study: Climate change affecting desert plants, animals

Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service have completed a study identifying plant species near Tucson that are being affected by climate change. While some trees and shrubs show declines, cacti increase with the heat.... Read more»