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Decoding the price of college: Complexity of figuring out costs holds students back

Although about 85 percent of freshmen at four-year residential colleges receive some kind of financial aid, many families get scared off by the sticker price as the processes for bringing that number down are complex and far from transparent.... Read more»

Long disparaged, education for the skilled trades is slowly coming into fashion

Education for the skilled trades appears to be returning to fashion, as Americans see firsthand the labor shortages and rising pay in fields such as construction, transportation and logistics - along with the lower debt and the shorter timetables needed to train for them.... Read more»

Most college students don't graduate in 4 years, so 6 years counted as 'success'

Colleges have gradually moved the finish line to give themselves credit for success if students graduate in six years — or even eight years, which is what consumers find reported on the government’s newest consumer website, College Scorecard.... Read more»

Regents to lawmakers: Tuition hikes burdening students

Tuition increases at Arizona’s three public universities might force some students to drop out and deter others from applying, members of the Arizona Board of Regents told a legislative committee Tuesday. (with video)... Read more»1

College tuition increases, but so does financial aid

Good news for college students: even as increases in the cost of college continue to outpace inflation, students are actually paying less to attend college now (when financial aid is taken into account) than they were a year ago.... Read more»

For-profit colleges encouraged fraud, watchdog says

We've been following allegations of enrollment abuses and bogus marketing schemes at for-profit schools for some time now, and a report released by the GAO this week further highlights some of the questionable recruiting tactics of several for-profit colleges across the country.... Read more»

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Should severely wounded vets get university tuition break?

Veterans who suffered severe combat wounds deserve tuition breaks similar to those available to faculty and staff at state universities so they can get on with their lives, says said Frank Antenori, R-Tucson.... Read more»