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Verde River watershed gets a grade of C+, officials say that ‘actually is very good’

The Verde River, which stretches more than 170 miles through Arizona, was rated a C+ this month in the first Verde Watershed Report Card.... Read more»

Study: Pollution in thunderclouds worsens global warming

A new study said that pollution causes thunderclouds to spread and trap more heat from high in the atmosphere, and that heat drives temperatures up in the climate worsening global warming.... Read more»

Busted: 'Countdown' uses Sentinel's reporting without credit

MSNBC's "Countdown" lifted a quote — without credit — about Fox News misinforming voters from a TucsonSentinel.com columnist Friday night.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Fox News top source of voter misinformation, study finds

The bad news for Fox News viewers is that merely watching the channel appears to be toxic. Daily watchers of Fox News believed the most misinformation of anyone. “Fox displays a particular pattern of misinformation. The more you watch the more inaccurate your views.” ... Read more»2

More schools offering credit for work experience

A national campaign that starts Wednesday will promote the sometimes-derided practice with a nationwide program to help adults prepare portfolios of their job experience online that will be evaluated by independent faculty for academic credit.... Read more»

Stumbling blocks remain for newly minted teachers, career-switchers

Ana Arroyo-Montano spent the first year fearing she’d be fired. After training in the Boston Teacher Residency program, the business major with five years’ experience in financial aid services wasn’t prepared for a room of kindergartners who didn’t speak English.... Read more»