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Major insurers running billions of dollars behind on payments to hospitals and doctors

Anthem Blue Cross, the country’s second-biggest health insurance company, is behind on billions of dollars in payments owed to hospitals and doctors because of onerous new reimbursement rules, computer problems and mishandled claims, say hospital officials in multiple states.... Read more»

Obamacare marketplace shakeout rocks Arizona, Southeast

Some of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces are in turmoil as the fourth open enrollment season approaches this fall, but what’s ahead for consumers very much depends on where they live.... Read more»


Obamacare-driven competition lowering rates in some states

Participants in the health care marketplace would be wise to shop around.... Read more»2

Biggest insurer drops caution, embraces Obamacare

UnitedHealthcare, the insurance giant that largely sat out the health law's online marketplaces' first year, said Thursday it may sell policies through the exchanges in nearly half the states next year.... Read more»

New health insurance program pays docs for keeping patients healthy

A healthcare model that pays doctors for keeping their patients out of the hospital is coming to Tucson. A partnership between Arizona Connected Care and UnitedHealthcare has the potential to improve the quality of healthcare and reduce costs for more than 180,000 Pima County residents. ... Read more»1


Potter: The behind-the-scenes battle that could subvert Obamacare

Complex state level battle over stop-loss coverage could eliminate crucial consumer protections. ... Read more»

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Insurers move to cover kids up to 26 earlier than required

Insurers will move even more quickly than required to keep young adults on their parents insurance plan.... Read more»

Biggest Medicare drug plans raise prices 10 percent on average

The 10 insurers with the most Medicare drug plan customers raised premiums an average of 10 percent this year, an analysis released Friday by consulting firm Avalere Health shows.... Read more»