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Aldwych tube station being used as a bomb shelter in 1940.

I wonder why the specifics of an age of national privation and sacrifice to save lives would inform wisdom today. One more deep state plot, I guess ... Read more»

The war in Gaza is drawing attention to growing anti-Semitism in Europe. Read more»

For a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, the United Kingdom has an astonishing wealth of regional accents. Read more»

Nearly 2,000 metric tons of dangerous nuclear materials remain spread across hundreds of sites around the globe — some of it poorly secured.

Nations around the globe have taken important steps over the past two years to safeguard nuclear weapons materials from potential thefts by terrorists, an expert Washington-based group concluded Jan. 8 in a comprehensive report. Read more»

Spillers Records

Founded in 1894 as a purveyor of gramophones and wax cylinders, Spillers has been selling music for nearly 120 years. It’s the world’s oldest record store, a feat of longevity listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and celebrated by no small number of devoted customers who have come here to thumb the racks. Read more»

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral in London - Preparing to receive the coffin at St Clement Danes Church, Aldwych.

Thatcher’s death on April 8 and the subsequent public reaction has forced into sharp relief the divide in the UK between those who have been swept along by London’s emergence as a global financial center and those who have been left out of the capital’s success. Read more»

English fish and chips.

Northern Europe is enjoying a food renaissance. Once maligned British nosh is now hailed – even in France. Read more» 1

Even though halting Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions is an urgent priority, there is time for a disciplined approach and a serious and determined effort to resolve the situation diplomatically. Read more»

A report out Monday — that that nearly 60,000 foreigners are in Australia unlawfully — should give pause for thought. It's not the 4,700-odd "boat people" accepted by Canberra each year. These illegals are (mainly) Americans, Britons, Chinese, Malaysians and South Koreans. Read more»

Amy Winehouse in a scene from the music video for 'Rehab.'

A coroner's court in London ruled that Amy Winehouse was most likely killed by accidental alcohol poisoning, the Associated Press reported. Read more»

A British art historian says he’s identified a lost da Vinci portrait that was ripped out of a 15th century book, the Guardian reports. If this is true, Christie’s auction house sold the drawing years ago for about £100 million less than it was worth. Read more»

Buckingham Palace in London.

Despite efforts to reduce her cost to the British taxpayer by $2.9 million last year, the British monarch Queen Elizabeth needs more public money to fund repairs and maintenance work on royal estates. Read more»

Germans are the most unfunny nationality in the world, according to an international poll. Americans were voted the most hilarious over all and the Spanish were chosen as the most amusing Europeans, ahead of the Italians and the French, according to Reuters. Read more»

In this image from NASA, the ash plume from Grímsvotn Volcano over the North Sea can be seen.

Thousands of U.K. passengers are facing travel delays Tuesday as a cloud of ash from Iceland’s erupting Grimsvotn volcano headed toward Scotland, causing flight cancellations and a change in travel plans for President Barack Obama. Read more»

A photo taken by the Sussex police helicopter unit in England shows a stuffed white tiger toy that had been reported Saturday as an escaped big cat in a field near Hedge End.

Police in southern England launched a large-scale operation, including a helicopter team with thermal imaging cameras, after reports of a white tiger stalking prey near a golf course in Hampshire. Read more»

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