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Trump-era farmworkers wage freeze gutted by federal judge

Handing summary judgment to the nation’s largest farmworkers union, a federal judge ruled a federal wage freeze for migrant farm laborers instituted by the Trump administration was unlawful, writing the wage freeze violates the Immigration and Nationality Act.... Read more»

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Cdad. de Tucson cerrará oficinas el lunes, el Día de César Chávez

Las oficinas del gobierno de la ciudad de Tucson estarán cerradas el lunes para honrar los derechos civiles y al César Chávez, el líder de los United Farm Workers (Trabajadores Agrícolas Unidos).... Read more»

Tucson city offices closed Monday for César Chávez Day

Tucson city government offices will be closed Monday to honor civil rights and United Farm Workers leader César Chávez.... Read more»

Immigrants make last-ditch plea for deportation protections, work permits in Build Back Better

Undocumented workers and immigration advocates pushed for Democrats to keep work permits and protections from deportations in the final version of the $1.85 trillion Build Back Better social spending and climate package that the U.S. House approved Friday morning.... Read more»

DHS to end workplace raids, turn focus on companies exploiting workers

Reversing a Trump-era policy, the Department of Homeland Security said Tuesday that it will stop raiding workplaces to search for undocumented immigrants and will focus instead on “unscrupulous employers who exploit the vulnerability” of undocumented labor.... Read more»

As scorching heat is killing workers, some states stepping in

Federal safety regulators have issued no standards to protect workers from heat-related hazards - even as climate change increases the risk of deadly heat waves and extreme weather conditions - prompting some states to begin enacting regulations on their own.... Read more»

DACA recipients, families & advocates will push for permanent immigration status

Immigrant rights groups gathered to remember the nearly two decades that advocates have pushed for meaningful immigration reform and to mobilize support for two congressional proposals: the Farm Workforce Modernization Act and the American Dream and Promise Act of 2021.... Read more»

Farmworkers’ union sues feds over wage freeze

The nation’s largest agricultural union is suing the Department of Labor for imposing a two-year wage freeze on farm laborers, who are already among the lowest paid workers in the United States.... Read more»

Navajo hemp investigation expands to federal marijuana, labor probe

A Navajo Nation probe of a controversial, Navajo-owned hemp operation has turned into a federal investigation into reports of marijuana production, interstate drug trafficking and violations of labor and child labor laws.... Read more»

As pandemic rages, farmworkers say employers are ‘prioritizing production over … lives’

Bertha spent 17 days in her bedroom after testing positive for COVID-19.... Read more»

America’s Dairyland and Trump in the rearview mirror as workers return to Mexico

Some undocumented immigrants who work on Wisconsin dairy farms are returning to their homelands, citing fears of deportation and rhetoric from the Trump administration. Farmers worry whether they'll have enough workers to milk the cows.... Read more»1

Feds announce new rules to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure

The federal government outlined new safety measures Monday that will protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure by banning pesticide use by minors and sharply increasing training requirements, among other changes.... Read more»

Farmers, fieldhands look to fix ‘flawed’ visas

Francisco Duarte stood in the sun with little shade or water for hours, waiting to pick lemons. But he never complained, because he was afraid he would be replaced by an undocumented worker willing to work longer hours for lower pay. He is among the hundreds of thousands silenced by a visa program that pits citizens, guest workers and the undocumented against one another.... Read more»

Immigration bill criticized for going too far – or not far enough

Sponsors of a comprehensive immigration reform bill said no one would be happy with all parts of the bill and a hearing Monday seemed to bear that out, with some in the day-long session saying the bill goes to far and other saying it does not go far enough. ... Read more»

Cesar Chavez to be honored with national monument

César Chávez, the late United Farm Workers founder, will be honored next week with a national monument named for him, the White House announced Monday. The César E. Chávez National Monument will be established at the UFW's historic headquarters in California.... Read more»

Tucsonans celebrate Cesar Chavez Day

Saturday is César Chávez Day and Tucson will honor the late labor leader and activist with a march and celebration on the city's South Side.... Read more»

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