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Immigrant song: Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Schools in Peru — and the capital of Lima in particular — are struggling to deal with 700,000 Venezuelan refugees fleeing economic collapse in their home country.... Read more»

Honduran special forces struggling to keep children from fleeing to U.S.

Clad in flak jackets and bearing automatic rifles and side arms, elite forces are scouring the ragged countryside that straddles this border between Honduras and Guatemala. The officers are used to fighting heavily armed drug cartels and murderous “mara” street gangs. But now they have a new mission: trying to stop the flow of children who are fleeing to the U.S. by the thousands.... Read more»1

Maternal deaths plague Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the lifetime risk of maternal death is one in 320, according to UNICEF. That’s almost seven times higher than in the United States.... Read more»

Haitian women cross Dominican border to give birth

Haitian women make up a large portion of the patients giving birth in Dominican hospitals. In the capital of Port–au–Prince, hospitals estimate that up to 35 percent of the patients in their maternity wards are Haitian. On the border, the numbers are higher still. One hospital director estimated that three out of four of his patients are Haitian women who come there to give birth.... Read more»

Ziggy Marley in-store to promo comic, Somalia aid

Something that comic book fans come to expect out of their local comic shop is the "in-store": an appearance by a comic book artist, maybe doing a sketch or two for eager admirers. Exciting for fans, but not all that unusual. What is unusual is for an internationally known reggae musician to do an in-store.... Read more»