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Fixes in works after tribal housing and food benefits cut

Under federal and tribal policies, benefits such as housing subsidies and food assistance are cut even for people earning poverty wages - but several programs are now operating or are being developed to address some of the underlying issues.... Read more»

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Ducey reinstates work-search requirement for Arizona unemployment benefits

Gov. Ducey has reinstated a requirement that Arizonans show they’re looking for work in order to qualify for unemployment benefits, a qualification he set aside last year as tens of thousands of people suddenly found themselves jobless during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Not enough: Workers rally in Phoenix, U.S. for $15 minimum wage, end of tipping

Activists around the country rallied in support of the Raise the Wage Act – a provision that would eventually raise the federally required minimum wage to $15 an hour – included in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package. More than 1.6 million workers, mainly in the restaurant industry, are paid a minimum wage in the U.S. as low as $7.25 on the federal level and, more recently in Arizona, $12.15 an hour.... Read more»

Arizona mayors join plea for $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill with city aid

Six Arizona mayors were among hundreds who urged Congress to pass a $1.9 trillion pandemic-relief bill that includes $350 billion in aid for state and local governments. ... Read more»

What’s in the $900B emergency relief bill — and what’s out

Congress passed a massive bipartisan emergency relief bill Monday night that's intended to aid Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Summaries from House Democratic appropriators say it includes:... Read more»

Congress strikes deal on new pandemic relief after settling Fed lending dispute

A deal on a coronavirus relief package finally emerged on Sunday night, after members of Congress resolved a days-long impasse over a provision sought by U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania to ensure that several temporary Federal Reserve lending programs will end this year.... Read more»

Bipartisan congressional group rolls out new pandemic relief proposal

In a Tuesday press conference, lawmakers unveiled a four-month, $908 billion proposal that would fund transportation, the paycheck protection program to help businesses pay their employees, food assistance and coronavirus testing centers.... Read more»

Debt collectors have made a fortune this year; now they’re coming for more

After a pause for the pandemic, debt buyers are back in the courts, suing debtors by the thousands.... Read more»

Arizona poverty rate continued fall in 2019, still topped national rate

Despite the improvements, the Census Bureau numbers show Arizona’s poverty rate remained higher than the nation, where the rate was 12.3% last year.... Read more»

Senate GOP emergency relief plan leaves out direct aid to states, cities

The GOP plan failed to include direct aid to cities and states, a priority for Democrats, or rental relief or nutrition assistance.... Read more»

Arizona making strides in fight to tame COVID-19

Arizona’s COVID-19 reproduction number — a measure of whether a disease is spreading or contracting, also called R0 — is the lowest in the nation, by one count, just eight weeks after the state was in headlines as a coronavirus hot spot.... Read more»

Az one of 7 states approved for $300 Trump unemployment offer

Seven states have received approval for President Donald Trump’s offer of a $300 weekly benefit for unemployed workers, and others are considering it after clarification that states don’t have to pay an additional $100. ... Read more»

Trump’s $400 a week jobless aid could be just $300 — depending where you live

Governors, lawmakers and state unemployment agencies on Monday wrestled with confusion created by President Donald Trump's executive action extending unemployment benefits, and it appeared some states could settle for $300 a week in benefits instead of the $400 that the president touted.... Read more»

Thousands of evictions loom as moratorium set to expire this month

Legal advocates are preparing for what could be a tsunami of evictions in the next few weeks when a temporary state ban on most evictions expires. But there is evidence that hundreds of evictions have been filed in violation of a federal ban in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read more»

Arizona jobless rate drops sharply, but still at twice pre-COVID levels

Arizona posted one of the sharpest unemployment drops in the country in May, falling from a historic high of 13.4% in April to 8.9% last month, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.... Read more»

Only 5% of people seeking Az pandemic aid to avoid eviction have been helped

Arizona parents who pay child support have received hardly any of the state and federal unemployment aid that they are entitled to because the Arizona Department of Economic Security overcharged them for their child support obligation, according to the state agency.... Read more»

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