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Are Arizona lawmakers upset about being on Russian travel ban list? Nyet

Arizona’s nine House delegation members were on the latest sanctions list banning entry into Russia - though the state's two senators were not - but nobody is really sweating over not being able to gallivant through Red Square for their summer vacation.... Read more»

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The big exodus of Ukrainian refugees isn’t an accident – it’s part of Putin’s plan to destabilize Europe

More than 6.3 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia first invaded in late February 2022 - refugees that are political pawns of Russian President Vladimir Putin, intended to politically destabilize the European Union and NATO.... Read more»


Clean energy & electric vehicles will help Arizonans' pocketbooks & national security

Reliance on fossil fuels is increasingly a threat to national and economic security, and Arizona has shown that embracing the electric vehicle industry can do more than clean the air and save consumers money — It can invigorate an economy. ... Read more»

U.S. to lend and lease military supplies to Ukraine under bill cleared by Congress

The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to use the framework of a World War II-era program to allow the federal government to lend and lease military equipment to Ukraine as it resists Russia’s invasion.... Read more»

Biden asks Congress for $33 billion for Ukraine aid, pleads again for COVID funds

President Joe Biden on Thursday asked Congress to approve $33 billion more in funding to help Ukraine fight off a Russian invasion that has lasted more than two months and renewed calls for additional funding to fight COVID-19.... Read more»

Biden to ask Congress for more Ukraine aid after earlier U.S. funding runs dry

President Joe Biden is preparing to ask Congress for billions more in aid to Ukraine as the war shifts to the Eastern regions of the country, following Russia's failure to take the capital city of Kyiv.... Read more»1

Biden amps aid, unveils new immigration policy for Ukrainians as war shifts to the Donbas

President Joe Biden announced a new round of military aid to Ukraine Thursday as Russian forces set their sights on Ukraine’s Donbas region, and unveiled a new program that will lay the foundation for Ukrainian citizens to flee to the United States.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Grijalva: Uranium industry hops on bandwagon taking advantage of Ukraine crisis

The Uranium Producers of America are expected to use the crisis in Ukraine to plead for more taxpayer-funded subsidies, so they can ramp up production quickly and cheaply. This may sound like an opportunistic ploy to use a brutal war as a profit-making scheme. Make no mistake, it is.... Read more»

Ukrainian official details horrors of Russian invasion, asks Arizona lawmakers for help

Six weeks after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, the consul general of Ukraine in San Francisco urged Arizona lawmakers on Thursday to provide greater assistance to Ukraine and its people during a special joint session of the Legislature. ... Read more»

Ukraine war puts food supply chain in crisis

Food supply chains already in flux in the wake of COVID-19 are under new pressure from the Ukraine war with potentially dire consequences for global stability as the heavy sanctions levied on Russia take their toll.... Read more»

'Humanitarian parole' for Ukrainians highlights racial bias in U.S. immigration policy

Wile Ukrainians are allowed to cross the border within hours or days of arriving, asylum seekers from Central America, Mexico, Haiti and other countries have been waiting for months or even years for their chance to do so - raising questions of discrimination in border policy.... Read more»


Hellertoon: Putin 'scaling down' attack on Ukraine

While some Ukrainians have employed a martyr strategy of sacrifice in the face of Putin's invasion, the Russian dictator's troops are "scaling down" their moves around Kyiv — but are they poised for a "matryoshka strategy" of retreating to their nest?... Read more»

Photos: In Tucson, a rally for peace in Ukraine

As a storm threatened to bring hail and rain, several dozen people packed themselves into one of Old Main's rooms on the University of Arizona campus on Tuesday to press for peace, and support those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.... Read more»


Claytoonz: Regime change for Russia?

During a speech he was giving in Poland, President Joe Biden improvised and said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” He was talking about Vladimir Putin. After he said it, everyone lost their (minds) because it’s never official U.S. policy to remove foreign leaders…except when it is.... Read more»

Biden budget plan would levy minimum tax on billionaires, boost national security

President Joe Biden sent a new $5.8 trillion budget request to Congress on Monday that calls on lawmakers to institute a minimum tax on billionaires and boost spending on national security and public health. ... Read more»

In Texas, calls to boost U.S. oil production after Russian invasion run into hard realities

In Texas’ Permian Basin — the nation’s most productive oil region and the place that would have to lead any jump in U.S. production — people in the industry, energy analysts and local leaders say there’s no quick or easy way to crank up American energy production ... Read more»

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