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Hope and resilience in action: Navajo Nation continues battle against COVID

In mid-2020, the Navajo Nation had the highest per-capita infection rate of COVID-19 in the U.S. Although the infection rate remains high, tribal leaders continue to practice mitigation efforts while many parts of the U.S. have relaxed restrictions.... Read more»

'A cliff effect': As federal benefits drop, food insecurity may once again rise

As cases of COVID-19 rise in many parts of the country, the federal government has not promised any further extension of heightened benefits and an expanded food safety net, leaving those who have received emergency aid in a state of uncertainty.... Read more»

Navajo COVID curve flattens, but leaders fear post-holiday spike in cases

After weeks of grim news as the pandemic tore through the Navajo Nation, the curve of positive COVID-19 cases has begun to flatten, President Jonathan Nez said Thursday.... Read more»

Small town, big tax: Tuba City again pays nation’s highest sales tax

Tuba City residents continue to pay the highest combined sales taxes in the nation, even after the Arizona state sales tax dropped this year, according to a new report.... Read more»1

Az’s combined sales tax rate 2nd-highest in nation

The Tax Foundation reported this week that the average combined sales tax in Arizona at the start of this year – adding up state, county, city and tribal taxes – was 9.12 percent, second only to Tennessee’s average rate of 9.45 percent.... Read more»