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Conservative groups raise money for voter-fraud probes as states ban election grants

Conservative nonprofit True the Vote has announced it will partner with conservative sheriffs’ groups to fuel investigations into 2020 voter fraud allegations and increase surveillance of voting - but a spate of new state laws bans private grants for elections.... Read more»

U.S. Attorney names Arizona 'elections officer' to handle voting rights complaints, fraud claims

With the state's primary election just days away, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona appointed a dstrict election officer who will oversee complaints of voter rights violations and claims of election fraud, officials said Thursday. ... Read more»

She helped create the Big Lie. Records suggest she turned it into a Big Grift.

True the Vote has raised millions in donations with claims that it discovered tide-turning voter fraud - instead, the Texas-based nonprofit organization has engaged in a series of questionable transactions that enriches the founder and key executives.... Read more»

FactCheck: Evidence gaps in '2000 Mules'

The supposed evidence in ‘2000 Mules’, a conservative film now playing in select theaters around the country, is speculative and does not provide “determinative, definitive” proof of widespread voter fraud, as former President Donald Trump has claimed.... Read more»

Arizona GOP lawmaker calls on 'vigilantes' to film & follow voters to combat unproven 'ballot mules'

An Arizona legislative hearing on the flawed election film “2000 Mules” led to Sen. Kelly Townsend calling on “vigilantes” to spy on people who deposit early ballots in ballot drop boxes and state GOP leaders calling journalists covering the hearing "terrorists."... Read more»

Trump's call for flood of poll watchers could disrupt some voting sites

In all but four states, private citizens can challenge someone’s right to cast a ballot on or before Election Day. In most places, the burden of proof then falls on the voter. Experience suggests a wave of partisan poll watchers could create confusion and discourage people who have a right to cast ballots.... Read more»

Despite advocates’ concerns, no reports of problems with Arizona poll watchers

Democrats and left-leaning voter-rights groups had raised concerns that poll watchers mobilized by conservative groups would lead to voter intimidation and vote-suppression, however there have been no reports of problems with poll watchers.... Read more»

Dems ready to monitor Az poll watchers

Leaders of Verify the Vote, an Arizona offshoot of a national, Tea Party-backed effort, say their training for poll watchers is about preventing fraud. But critics say it's really a thinly veiled effort to intimidate minorities and other groups likely to vote for Democrats. ... Read more»2

Voters feel intimidated by election observers

A Texas-based Tea Party initiative called True the Vote trains and dispatches observers to polling places, prompting concerns that minority voters are being intimidated.... Read more»