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Nogales sees border-crossing delays as trucks flee Texas logjam

Commercial truckers were coping with longer-than-normal delays at the Nogales border crossing Thursday, as trucks trying to escape a logjam at the Texas border headed west to Arizona instead. ... Read more»

Trucking companies train you on the job — just don’t try to quit

Each year, thousands of aspiring truck drivers sign up for training with some of the nation’s biggest freight haulers - but the training programs often fail to deliver the compensation and working conditions they promise.... Read more»

Delays, closures & chaos mount at Texas-Mexico border crossings from new state inspections

Six days into the initiative ordering the Texas Department of Public Safety to increase inspections of commercial vehicles, commercial traffic at the Texas-Mexico border has dropped by 60% and it’s unclear how thoroughly the DPS is inspecting vehicles.... Read more»

Texas gov's call for more vehicle inspections at border is causing delays, supply chain issues

Commercial vehicles trying to enter the United States to deliver products from Mexico have been backed up for hours at Texas ports of entry following Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive that state troopers increase inspections.... Read more»

Arizona donors gave $120,000 to Canada’s 'trucker protest' that shut down Ottawa

Arizonans — or, at least, people claiming to live in Arizona — gave nearly $120,000 to the massive anti-vaccine mandate Canadian trucker protest that shut down the country’s capital for more than a week. ... Read more»

Price jumps prompt pocketbook policies in states

Wages are high, jobs are plentiful and more than a third of states cut taxes in the past year as their revenues soared - yet the highest inflation spike in three decades has many policymakers digging for ways to ease the strain on families’ pocketbooks.... Read more»

Good roads, bad drivers: Az interstates deadliest in nation, report says

Arizona’s interstate highways are in generally good shape, but they experienced the highest rate of fatalities in the nation in 2018, according to a national report released Tuesday.... Read more»1

$3M in marijuana seized at Az border crossings

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at border crossings in Nogales and San Luis, seized more than 6,000 pounds of marijuana stashed inside semi-tractor trailers over the last week, worth an estimated $3.1 million. ... Read more»

Critics fault new highway law for concessions to trucking industry

A $305 billion highway bill approved by Congress includes several provisions aggressively sought by the trucking industry that, critics say, will undermine traffic safety. The long-awaited FAST Act removes truck safety ratings from a public website. It also creates a program to put drivers as young as 18 behind the wheel of a big rig if they have received military training.... Read more»

New U.S.-Mexico cargo agreement on horizon

Cargo aboard specific Mexican trucks and bound for the United States will soon be inspected by American officials south of the border and allowed to circumvent the lines at ports of entry, a top Mexican diplomat announced last week.... Read more»

Pilot program has seen little cross-border trucking

Five months after the U.S. and Mexico ended a stalemate on long-haul international trucking, the agreement has led to a handful of cross-border deliveries — all by the same truck.... Read more»

Backers of cross-border trucking deal say opponents can't put on brakes

An attorney for Mexican trucking interests had a message Wednesday for opponents of a deal to gradually open the U.S.-Mexico border to long-distance freight trucking. “It’s going to take place,” Carlos Sesma said. “There is no way you can stop it.”... Read more»

Trucking program raises border policy questions

Some Texas Republicans are embracing a cross-border trucking agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that labor unions worry could kill jobs and drastically reduce border security.... Read more»1

U.S. to allow cross-border trucking, Mexico to lift tariffs

Mexican trucks subject to strict new safety measures will begin to move on U.S. highways, and Mexico will begin to lift tariffs on U.S. goods entering that country under an agreement signed Wednesday in Mexico City.... Read more»1

DOT outlines cross-border trucking rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation released preliminary details Friday on a program that would again open up U.S. roadways to Mexican truckers.... Read more»


Farley: Restrict trucks to right lanes of roadways with three or more lanes

Keeping large trucks to the right on roadways with three or more lanes would make Arizona's highways safer, says Rep. Steve Farley.... Read more»