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Migrant smuggling in trailers a booming business in Texas

Laredo is the epicenter of a multibillion-dollar migrant smuggling industry, where coyotes bring people they have led across the Rio Grande to stash houses before their associates load groups of them onto trailers tucked away in the city’s warehouse district.... Read more»

Truckers occupy California’s 3rd largest port in protest of contractor law

Independent truckers have picketed at the Port of Oakland for a full week - effectively shutting down operations and further disrupting the supply chain - in protest of a state law they say would restrict them from self-employed work in the state of California. ... Read more»

Court tees up truckers to get paid for time spent in rigs not driving

At a time of spiraling inflation and high gas prices, the First Circuit showed little concern about an argument that America’s supply-chain problems will be even worse if truck drivers must be paid for the time they spend on the road but not working. ... Read more»

International trade halted at Texas border crossings as truckers protest new inspections

Commercial traffic at a key Texas border crossing stopped after Mexican truckers blocked north- and southbound lanes on the Mexico side in protest of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to have state troopers inspect northbound commercial vehicles.... Read more»

LA, Long Beach ports to go 24/7 to relieve shipping bottleneck

In a plan developed by the White House's supply chain disruptions task force, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will ramp up to 24/7 operations ahead of the holiday season, as dozens of cargo ships carrying as many as 1 million containers bob idly off the California coast.... Read more»