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With travel mandate lifted, 'one-way maskers' & the chronically ill worry about their safety

About 45% of Americans surveyed in April said it’s too early to end the mask mandate on federal transportation, and with the current increase in COVID-19 cases, healthy people are masking up to help those that are more susceptible to catching the virus.... Read more»

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Pima County to spend $1 million in COVID relief grants to promote tourism recovery

The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of using $1 million in federal COVID relief funding to promote tourism. Two grants awarded to Visit Tucson and Tucson City of Gastronomy will help advertise the local UNESCO designation. ... Read more»

Biden to unveil plan to blunt potential COVID surge this winter

Reimbursements for at-home rapid COVID-19 tests, tougher testing requirements for international travelers and more emergency response teams to aid states combating infection spikes are the latest steps to fight COVID-19 that President Joe Biden will be announcing Thursday.... Read more»

Biden echoes concern about Omicron variant of coronavirus as global cases rise

Days after the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus led parts of the world, including the United States, to close their borders to South Africa and neighboring countries, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke to the public Monday in defense of the emerging travel restrictions. ... Read more»

Tucson airport holiday travel nears pre-pandemic levels

As Tucson air travel returns to prepandemic levels, passengers with plans to fly from Tucson International Airport are asked to allow extra time for safety measures. ... Read more»

Pack your patience: Holiday travel could reach pre-pandemic levels

Thanksgiving is historically the busiest time of the year for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and despite the lingering effects of the pandemic, airport officials expect that to be the case again next week. ... Read more»

As pandemic border restrictions stopped Mexicans from visiting family in U.S., American tourists crossed freely into Mexico

Cross-border traffic at land ports has risen as economies on both sides of the border have reopened and vaccines have become widely available in the U.S. and northern Mexico. ... Read more»

Visit Tucson CEO leaving for Texas, search begins for replacement

Brent DeRaad, Visit Tucson’s President & CEO for the past nine years, announced his resignation today to become the head of the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau in Texas.... Read more»

Indigenous leaders face barriers to UN climate conference

Indigenous leaders are largely being excluded from participation in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference as the world grapples with escalating problems from floods, fires, heat, drought and other disasters.... Read more»

Arizona border communities face another month of 'nonessential' travel limits

The ban on nonessential travel on land crossings between the U.S. and Mexico will be extended another month, a “disheartening” development for border towns and businesses that have already had to cope with the travel limitation for 18 months. ... Read more»

In-person workers are slow to return to jobs, data shows

Most states have not regained the jobs they lost during the pandemic, and though some employers are paying higher wages or offering other incentives to lure back workers, but that may not be enough if employees to return.... Read more»

Arizona border town 'fed up' as ban on nonessential travel extended again

Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino said he is “fed up” with the federal government’s COVID-19 ban on nonessential border crossings, which has been extended for another month, further crippling local businesses that rely on cross-border customers. ... Read more»

Hesitant at first, they got vaccinated — and are glad they did

Over the past week, as the Delta variant continued to rise, The Boston Globe spoke to several people who for months were wary of the vaccine, and now that they‘ve got it, they don’t regret doing so — and are calling on others to get vaccinated, too.... Read more»

Viral claim gets Biden’s COVID-19 travel and immigration policies wrong

The Biden administration hasn’t introduced COVID-19 travel restrictions on Americans going to Mexico since the Delta variant became dominant in the U.S., and it is enforcing immigration laws at the border, but a meme falsely claiming the opposite is circulating online.... Read more»

National parks refine ticketed-entry systems to manage visitor boom

Some of the country’s most famous national parks are grappling with an increasingly unsustainable rise in visitors - 327 million visits to U.S. national parks in 2019 — and ticketed-entry systems for summer-season visitors have been implemented at some landmarks.... Read more»

Grand Canyon business owners: Tourists returning, but not like before the pandemic

Grand Canyon National Park has seen a rebound in domestic visitors in 2021 after the pandemic shutdown for several weeks in 2020, but not enough to compensate for the volume of international travelers the park usually attracts, officials say. ... Read more»

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