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The inactivation of the body scanners

X-raying passengers for airline security became a lot less common in 2012.... Read more»

TSA to commission independent study of X-ray body scanners

The Transportation Security Administration will have the National Academy of Sciences study the health effects of X-ray body scanners used in airports.... Read more»

TSA X-ray body scanners sit idle in warehouse

Last month, the Transportation Security Administration said it was moving nearly half its X-ray body scanners from some of the nation's biggest airports to smaller ones. But it turns out that more than 90 of the controversial machines will sit in a Texas warehouse indefinitely, agency officials said Thursday.... Read more»

Scientists cast doubt on TSA tests of full-body scanners

Scientists with expertise in imaging and cancer say the evidence made public to support claims that airport body scanners are safe is unreliable.... Read more»1


For your traveling inconvenience

President Obama regrets the inconvenience of backscatter scanners and "enhanced pat-downs" at airport security.... Read more»

Comic: Aviation

Backscatter blowback

The TSA agreed Friday to exempt uniformed pilots for U.S. carriers from enhanced pat-downs and full body scans. They're the only ones who are exempt.... Read more»2


Tucson job fair set for Saturday

Area job seekers will have a chance to meet with local firms and employment agencies at a job fair on Saturday.... Read more»