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State Integrity Investigation

Study: Corruption risk huge for state governments

The tales are sadly familiar to even the most casual observer of state politics. Officials make lofty promises when it comes to ethics in government. But these efforts often fall short of providing any real transparency or legitimate hope of rooting out corruption. ... Read more»1

State Integrity Investigation

Arizona gets D+ on corruption risk report card

Arizona, like most states, tends to initiate reforms after scandals. The state may need more good government laws: Arizona landed 27th with a grade of D+ and a numerical score of 68 in rankings by the State Integrity Investigation.... Read more»

PCC announces greater transparency measures

The recent controversy over a consultant who was paid more than $300,000 for unbid work for Pima Community College has spurred the school's interim chancellor to adopt greater transparency measures.... Read more»1

Bill to remove principals’ evaluations from public review draws fire

Advocates for government transparency are objecting to language in an education bill that would prevent the public from reviewing school principals' performance appraisals.... Read more»

State Department FOIA requests go unanswered

The Obama administration has pledged to improve the government’s responsiveness to Freedom of Information Act requests, but major delays still plague many federal agencies.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Arizona's Openbooks reveals more than just spending

Arizona's new transparency website reveals more than how and where taxpayer money is spent. It also reveals how government operates. The next step is to understand what government agencies really accomplish and get an accurate picture of their performance.... Read more»


Legislative leaders clearly should look into transparency

It's easy to get whiplash in the ongoing debate on the role of state government here in Arizona. Historically however, one area - maybe the only area - of agreement has been government should not, and cannot, operate in secret. Yet transparency seems to be an exceptional challenge for Arizona's legislative leaders.... Read more»

Transparency in gov't spending pushed

Arizona gets an "F" when it comes to helping taxpayers see where and how their money is being spent, according to a report released Tuesday by an advocacy group.... Read more»

Government finances

Put local gov't spending records online, says lawmaker

Requiring local governments to post records of all financial transactions online would make officials better stewards of the public's money, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»


Agencies open to the public? Some not so much

Last Saturday was the deadline for federal agencies to launch their open-government Web pages under a directive issued by the White House. We clocked their progress and found that while many agencies posted their new pages, there are some stragglers. ... Read more»

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