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The Supreme Court’s ruling could have broad implications for what tribal policing means for Indian tribal governments.

The U.S. Supreme Court was unanimous in holding that tribal officers can temporarily detain and search non-Natives traveling on public roads running through a reservation if there is reasonable suspicion a state or federal crime has been committed. Read more»

Is your drive home less than smooth? Use our mapping tool from SeeClickFix to report everything from potholes and graffiti to broken streetlights and overgrown weeds and keep watch over your neighborhood Read more»

Cars and pedestrians are a sometimes deadly mix, and a new study says the Tucson and Phoenix metro areas had pedestrian death rates from 2008 to 2012 that were among the 25 highest in the country.

Tucson and Phoenix ranked among the top 25 metro areas in the nation for pedestrian death rates from 2008 to 2012, according to a study released Wednesday. Read more»

Oracle Road will be closed in both directions south of Grant Road until about 6 a.m. Friday, a city spokesman said. Read more»

More than half of Pinal County residents commute to work outside the county, and most of them head north to Maricopa County, according to a new Census Bureau report. The daily Pinal work exodus is the highest in the state, by far.

Andrew Clegg’s commute from his Arizona City home to his former job in Maricopa County took 45 to 90 minutes on a good day – hours if there was a wreck on Interstate 10. The Census Bureau last week confirmed what Clegg knew: It wasn’t the distance that made the trip so long, it was the tens of thousands of others heading in the same direction at the same time. Read more»

The Mt. Lemmon Highway reopened Thursday, after being shut to all but residents and employees following heavy snow. Other county roads remain affected by the winter storm, with some flooded. Read more»

Due to snow and high winds, the Mt. Lemmon Highway is closed at its base to all but residents and employees with chains or four-wheel drive vehicles. Four other county roads were closed Wednesday afternoon, and caution is advised at a dozen others. Here's the list: Read more»

A motorcyclist negotiates a training course at TEAM Arizona in Gilbert.

Saying that increased traffic congestion and a lack of training can be a deadly combination for motorcyclists, state officials are urging riders to get instruction and required licenses before taking to the roads. Read more»

From left: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, CEO Larry Page and co-founder Sergey Brin pose in a self-driving car the company is developing.

Imagine a day when cars zip smoothly along while drivers, their hands nowhere near the wheel, blithely peruse their tablets and smartphones. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s a day one Arizona lawmaker says is fast-approaching. Read more»

Requiring school buses to flash lights and display stop signs while picking up or letting off children on private roads would help prevent accidents like one that claimed the life of an eastern Arizona girl in 2008, a state lawmaker says. Read more»

A new report says Arizona “falls dangerously behind” when it comes to traffic safety laws, one of only six states to get a failing grade, marked here in red. States in green got the best scores.

Arizona was one of only six states to get a failing grade for its traffic safety laws, according a new national report that cited the state's lack of motorcycle helmet and texting-while-driving laws, as well as its relatively few restrictions on teen drivers' licenses. Read more»

The Southern Arizona DUI Task Force arrested 65 drivers who were charged with drunk driving over New Year's. Officers handed out 441 other tickets, and found 21 suspected underage drinkers on Sunday and Monday. Read more»

Due to heavy mountain snow, the Mt. Lemmon Highway is closed at its base to all but residents with four-wheel-drive vehicles with tire chains. Two other county roads are closed, and caution is advised at nearly two dozen others. Here's the list: Read more»

I've read that some 43 percent of the city of Phoenix alone is empty land. It would be interesting to know how much of the city is surface parking lots. Read more» 2

A 2009 roll-over on SR 79 near Florence.

The nation’s red and blue states often are miles apart in social attitudes and, of course, political outlook. It turns out that they also divide into distinct camps when it comes to a grimmer measure — fatal traffic accidents. Read more»

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