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Biden announces regional migration initiative at Summit of the Americas

President Joe Biden previewed a new migration initiative during the opening of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, calling it a mutual commitment to orderly migration throughout the Western Hemisphere. ... Read more»

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Are Arizona lawmakers upset about being on Russian travel ban list? Nyet

Arizona’s nine House delegation members were on the latest sanctions list banning entry into Russia - though the state's two senators were not - but nobody is really sweating over not being able to gallivant through Red Square for their summer vacation.... Read more»

Cinco de Mayo celebrations: Checking in on U.S.-Mexico relations

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as guest of honor at the Cinco de Mayo celebrations at the White House amid thawing relations with Mexico.... Read more»

International trade halted at Texas border crossings as truckers protest new inspections

Commercial traffic at a key Texas border crossing stopped after Mexican truckers blocked north- and southbound lanes on the Mexico side in protest of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to have state troopers inspect northbound commercial vehicles.... Read more»

Ukraine war puts food supply chain in crisis

Food supply chains already in flux in the wake of COVID-19 are under new pressure from the Ukraine war with potentially dire consequences for global stability as the heavy sanctions levied on Russia take their toll.... Read more»

U.S. House moves to revoke Russia, Belarus trade status

The U.S. House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to revoke normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus - another step the federal government hopes will end the Russian war in Ukraine - with eight Republicans, including Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, voting against the bill. ... Read more»

Biden announces partnership with California on port upgrades

To prevent shipping logjams that have recently stymied the country’s supply chain, the Biden administration and California officials said Thursday that billions in infrastructure improvements are being fast-tracked for the state’s largest ports. ... Read more»

As pandemic border restrictions stopped Mexicans from visiting family in U.S., American tourists crossed freely into Mexico

Cross-border traffic at land ports has risen as economies on both sides of the border have reopened and vaccines have become widely available in the U.S. and northern Mexico. ... Read more»

Cheating workers on the U.S.-Mexico border

Since January alone, the U.S. Department of Labor has reached back-wage agreements with two San Diego companies that underpaid Mexican nationals, in pesos, for work done at warehouses on the U.S. side of the border. ... Read more»


Global shortage of shipping containers is raising costs and snarling supply chains

A recent shortage of shipping containers is raising costs and snarling supply chains of thousands of products across the world - the situation highlights the importance of the simple yet essential cargo containers that, from a distance, resemble Lego blocks floating on the sea.... Read more»

Heightened U.S.-China tensions present economic opportunities for Mexico

Seeing the intensifying friction between the United States and China as an opportunity to deepen economic ties, Mexico's newly appointed ambassador to China, Jesús Seade, announced in early September that he intends to “strengthen bonds of friendship” with the Asian nation. ... Read more»

FactCheck: Trump and Boebert’s oil reliance spin

Although former President Donald Trump and Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert have both made claims that America is back to relying on the Middle East for energy, the United States continues a decades-long trend to import a smaller amount of its petroleum from the Middle East.... Read more»

Violent phase in pandemic hits as protests break out around globe

The coronavirus pandemic is entering an unruly and violent phase as protests against mandatory vaccines break out in vaccine-rich Western countries and anger mounts in poorer countries where vaccines are only trickling in. ... Read more»

Fintech 'sandboxes' in Arizona, other states, aim to attract companies

Arizona and other states have created programs that allow financial services startups to test products and services such as digital payment apps or software for assessing credit risk without a license, but loosening licensing rules could expose customers to unfair or abusive products.... Read more»

After four years of tumult, businesses hopeful for Biden trade policy

President Donald Trump entered office pledging to blow up trade deals, and he later imposed tariffs on trading partners around the world – but the biggest threat to Arizona-Mexico trade over the past four years appears to have been COVID-19.... Read more»

Condemnation lawsuits stand between Trump and his 'big beautiful wall'

With President Donald Trump eager to fulfill his campaign promise to build 450 miles of border wall by the end of 2020, his administration has filed 63 eminent domain lawsuits against South Texas landowners this year. One problem: Such cases can take years to resolve.... Read more»

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